Going Local In The MarTech Race

Marketing technology, or martech, is a practice which has underpinned the proper marketing of business since the inception of search engines. Increasingly, success in this area is determined by the ability of a marketing strategy to pull local results; as Forbes outlines, location is rapidly becoming the most influential factor. Tuning your technology platform to bring the best results is a matter of finding the most effective tools for creating local searches.

Locational data

The key tool in the arsenal of any local martech tool is locational data. The power of local, locational based marketing is huge – most recently, Snapchat reached deals with multiple marketing agencies to provide location-based advertising based on their tech, according to USA Today. Good quality locational data, brought in from good quality customer data on their respective devices, is the key to achieving good quality local SEO. This is important both for search engine terms, and for day-to-day business: for many businesses, such as law, digital design and tech experts, local business is important.

Why Google prioritize

The importance of local-based martech is enshrined in the priorities of the Google algorithm. Alongside Panda, which cuts duplicate or spam content, and Mobile, which looks to downgrade pages without cross-compatibility, Pigeon is noted by SearchEngineJournal to be the start in a long period of Google focusing on local-based content, in tandem with location data from smart devices. This focus on local data is there for a reason, and can have wide-ranging impacts on a business.

Local results and new revenue

A recent report by Channel Asia on the use of Google local analytics to reduce pollution in the Mekong River highlights the huge impact of locational-based martech – and its business potential. Just as focusing on local results helps any marketing platform to succeed in the SEO stakes, that data can be used symbiotically to find new growth avenues and help the business to continue its expansion. In the process, it can do a bit of progressive good in the world – which has shown to be another powerful factor in modern marketing, and something that martech strives to get a handle on.

Turning martech to local results is key to making full use of your platform. Google prefers local results, and business opportunities do too. The data generated and used in the process can, and will, be turned round for business growth. 

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