The Best Animal-Themed Video Games To Play In 2021 On PC

Animal themes and video games have always worked incredibly well together as they expertly combine two different types of passion many may have.

Of course, many human beings around the world will describe themselves as “animal lovers” as they enjoy the companionship that furry pets such as dogs and cats can provide as household pets, whilst those in the wild continue to intrigue and interest many as many will have been inspired by the likes of David Attenborough.

Gaming for many can become a way in which players get in touch with their animal-side, which is why there have been a number of successful titles to have been made playable on PC over the years and have continued to remain incredibly popular with players.

Lost Ember - 2019

One of the newest games to have been made available more recently for PC gamers and animal enthusiasts, Lost Ember is a solid game that provides players with the opportunity to be a number of different animals across a wide spectrum.

Whether you are playing as a creature as small as a bird or as large as an elephant, players will be required to get to the “City of Light” after they have been reincarnated as an animal after dying in an ancient civilization. Initially starting out as a wolf, players can use their soul and transform into any creature they wish along their adventure.

The game will see players go on a long journey where they will be required to overcome and solve a number of puzzles in a highly impressive graphical adventure.

Super Safari Slot - 2013

NextGen Gaming provided online slot game enthusiasts with the chance to play an animal-themed game with their Super Safari Slot title.

Having incorporated some rather fun, cartoon drawings and visuals, this online slot game provides players with the chance to make a nice little sum of money when they spin the reels. There are a total of 25 adjustable pay lines available across the 5-reel, 3-row slot game that features a number of different creatures that range from lions, zebras, crocodiles, rhinos, elephants and many others.

Furthermore, this Super Safari Slot game provides a number of special bonus features, including special wilds and free spins!

Shelter Series - 2013-21

Players who want to immerse themselves into the daily life of wildlife will certainly enjoy the Shelter Series game. In this game, players will start out as a badger who is a mother that goes on a journey with her children as she looks to protect them from all of the dangers that are out in the wild waiting for them.

The game is incredibly realistic, as players can find that they may find it difficult to survive the natural elements that are provided - such as the weather - whilst they will also encounter various predators that they will need to try and escape from. Furthermore, if the mother badger does not continue to eat, then there is the possibility of dying from starvation.

The game has been incredibly popular since it was released that a third instalment is expected in 2021, with the second part of the game having followed on from the first. So, those that have managed to play both already will be able to experience the conclusion, whilst those who have never played it have a long, drama-filled adventure ahead of them.

Goat Simulator - 2014

Perhaps when it was released on April 1, 2014, many would have thought it would have been some kind of April Fools prank - as the developers intended it to be, however Goat Simulator has been anything but a funny prank for those that continue to play this hit title on their PC devices.

Goat Simulator has proven to be one of the most popular animal-themed games ever, with it also become the most popular when it comes down to animal simulation games. Players will be able to live the life of a goat in this game, something that would sound strange to most people.

Nevertheless, players are able to do a large number of things that goats are perhaps known for, such as terrorizing visitors and just simply enjoy life as a goat. Points are awarded to those who continue to create havoc in the virtual city by destroying things, whilst there is a leaderboard that allows players to compete against each other.

Those looking for a truly immersive animal-themed PC game would be hard-pushed to find one better than Goat Simulator. 

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