4 Apps You Can Try for a Healthy Lifestyle

Fitness gurus never tire of repeating: do not go to extremes and radical diets, lose weight gradually, starting with a simple calculation of calories. A million apps have been created for this purpose and we will talk about some of them. Before that, we know during these times we're losing our lifestyle habits, eating junk and doing online gaming most of the time. But to improve the lifestyle, there has to be some motivation. The main principle of these apps is to accurately record everything you eat and drink. These 4 programs will help you stay healthy. Let's check them out. 


It's one of the trendiest applications. Its creators have gone beyond the banal sum of calories and offer based on your physiological data, age and weight to pick up a certain meal plan. Of course, it is formed taking into account the FCP. 

If lunch is already on your plate and you do not plan to change it, the app will calculate what the optimal portion to eat. So the excess does not go to the sides. In addition, Lifesum has HealthKit support and can share data with well-known fitness apps if desired. Lifesum is easy to use, with more than 10,000 meals and foods to choose from.


A popular calorie counter, its developers once went to the trouble of adding 6 million products and foods to the database. Just point the screen at the barcode and you don't have to enter the food by hand. MyFitnessPal also has a user-friendly interface, a FCP calculator, automatic recording of the foods you eat often and synchronization with HealthKit. 

There is also a section with 350 exercises. But they don't include strength workouts, such as working on machines, so users often just put the analog of calories burned in jogging or aerobics.


This one is similar to MyFitnessPal with its intuitive interface, handy barcode scanner, and ability to keep a food diary. But here you can compare statistics from different weeks to see if there is any progress in losing weight. With this application, you can record both current and past weight in a table. 

Except for FCP, the app counts the amount of sugar, fiber, sodium, and cholesterol. It can mark up your calorie intake if you are scoring a certain type of motor activity. But it is worth realizing that these are only approximate values.


This one is beautiful, you feel that the designers have tried a lot. Each product is accompanied by a photo. As a result, YAZIO looks like a glossy magazine. It has all the features users should use for counting how much they eat - a food table with all the macros, adding your meals and creating a top of your favorite food, a scanner, tracking your daily activity, and recording weight. 

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