[Product Review] – Lumonitor 4K Touchscreen Portable Monitor

If you’re looking for a cutting-edge monitor that combines terrific specs and outstanding portability, look no further. Lumonitor brings so much to the table, including a lightweight design, groundbreaking touch technology, and premium compatibility. Let's check out its features in detail. 

Lightweight Design

Out of the box, Lumonitor will captivate you with its cool looks. The razor-thin, lightweight device can fit into any backpack, making it a perfect travel companion. The 1.3-pound and 6-millimeter model can also be placed inside a computer sleeve and take up almost no additional space in your bag.

Plus, the convenient dimensions contribute to the ease of use. The piece is 15.6 inches wide, making it ideal for one-hand use.

4K Resolution and PinPoint Touch

The 15.6-inch monitor features amazing clarity colors in an ultra HD 4K resolution. It provides a fully immersive experience, whether you’re gaming or watching your favorite movies and shows.

There are also considerable upgrades to touchscreen technology. Namely, Lumonitor comes with proprietary PinPoint touch technology to take screen sensitivity to the next level.

You’ll be able to complete all your tasks without a hitch, including drawing with your stylus, typing, and swiping. The display offers complete control of all your movements, be they tiny or significant.

Owing to this fantastic combination, Lumonitor is perfect for all sorts of professions. Designers, editors, photographers, and artists can use the display and interact with its 4K resolution effortlessly.

Top-Class Brightness

The device comes with an LED display with twice as much brightness as other monitors. As a result, the stunning colors and 3D-Esque depth of the 4K screen are even more incredible.

Considering that this is a portable monitor, additional brightness also allows you to utilize it in extremely bright conditions. You get unmatched readability both in sunlight and the dark.

Exceptional Connectivity

Another great thing about Lumonitor is that you can connect it to practically anything. The links aren’t limited to just computers and phones. Owing to the item’s wide array of ports, the device works with tablets, smartphones, gaming consoles, projectors, camcorders, and many other gadgets.

In addition, the portable device can interact with almost any piece of equipment. Consequently, you can share and compare the information with other people using one monitor only. Moreover, Lumonitor saves all your settings once you unplug owing to its integrated power source.

A Multitude of Ports

Despite the compact design, Lumonitor comes with all the ports you need to ensure great connectivity. Here’s what you get with the portable monitor:

  • USB-C
  • HDMI
  • Micro USB
  • 3.5-millimeter AUX

This not only makes Lumonitor more compatible, but it also makes it travel-friendly. Due to all these ports, there’s no need to bring in extra cables, adapters, and chargers.

Multiple Displays

The manufacturer paid close attention to each aspect of Lumonitor, which is why they ensured support for multiple displays. You can link several Lumonitors or external monitors to work in a dynamic environment and boost productivity. For this reason, the device is perfectly suitable for multi-tasking

Stellar Built-In Battery

4K devices can’t do without a built-in battery, and Lumonitor delivers an ideal solution in this regard. The battery enables and facilitates a number of handy operations:

  • Connecting multiple monitors and avoid draining your other devices’ batteries
  • Equipping your phone with 4K capabilities
  • Extending screen time

Not only that, but Lumonitor also charges your connected devices using its powerful battery. Therefore, if your laptop is running out of power, you can share some of it using Lumonitor and keep watching, working, or gaming.

Lastly, the internal battery lets you unplug and turn Lumonitor into a state-of-the-art tablet. Coupled with a digital player like Fire Stick or Chromecast, you can use Lumonitor on the fly and enjoy media in wireless mode.

Hi-Fi Speakers

Lumonitor comes with high-quality Hi-Fi speakers to enhance your experience during each use. Accordingly, you can make calls, watch videos, join chats, compose musical pieces, and edit media without hauling external speakers. The audio range and bass are fascinating, whereas the volume is incredible for such a slim monitor.

Final Thoughts

Lumonitor is a highly optimized item that won’t let you down. Whether you need it for workplace obligations, gaming, or streaming, the device has all the necessary features. The 4K resolution, lightweight design, and matchless compatibility leave the competition in the dust.

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