Owl Labs Announces Products for Enhanced Remote and Hybrid Learning

Owl Labs, the connected technology company, has just released a new suite of products that will help students and teachers enable and enhance their remote and hybrid learning models. This suite comes at a good time, when schools are opening back up and looking for ways to keep everyone safe.

Thankfully, technology has been a connecting resource during the pandemic. For K-12 or higher education students alike, these new products and updates from Owl Labs can continue that technological reliance. This suite is just what the classroom needs to engage everyone, whether it’s fully remote or uses a hybrid model. 

New Owl Labs Products

Owl Labs specializes in remote connections, whether they’re for learning or work. The latest suite, though, will change the game for any classroom. This technology is unique and powerful, helping educators and students communicate, focus and connect better from any location. The following tools come with the suite:

Owl Connect — This tool enables audio and visual capabilities in the classroom. It expands upon the previous reach of Owl Labs tools. So, now, this gadget will reach up to eight more feet in all directions, which will be helpful for communicating clearly. It will also help with in-class students who need to stay six feet apart. 

Presenter Enhance — It’s natural for educators to move around as they teach. Presenter Enhance helps them do just that. The video tool adapts to the educator or presenter, with smart zooming and focusing. It learns based on movement, so it can follow the educator around wherever they move. 

Digital Whiteboard — As students learn from home, they may have trouble seeing the board through the video screen. Digital Whiteboard allows the educator to use an iPad or tablet to take notes, which they then share through Meeting Owl Stage View. This way, the platform broadcasts the notes right on the students’ screens so they can see them better.

In addition to the new suite, Owl Labs also updated some of its older products. The 360-degree video platforms now have new controls — vertical flip, camera locking and passcode controls. 

These tools are essential for enhancing the classroom experience for educators and for students of all ages. Virtual connections and digital screens have become an innate part of everyday life. In fact, 15% of babies younger than one-year-old have already used apps in some capacity. From this usage, it only makes sense that the classroom continues this engaging dynamic with powerful technology.

The new suite and updates come just a few months after Owl Labs teamed up with Ingram Micro to expand their services across Europe. With its new partnerships and the world’s heavy reliance on learning tech and virtual connections, Owl Labs has made a name for itself as a steady, innovative resource during the pandemic. This success will likely continue after the pandemic is over. 

Access to Education

Though the pandemic has separated people from learning in person, technology is what brings them back together. Owl Labs demonstrates just how integral learning tech is to the classroom. With these new products and updates, students have better, safer access to education whether it’s through an entirely remote dynamic or through a hybrid model. 

These tools from Owl Labs help educators create a more organic feeling experience for everyone. Let the learning continue! 

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