Where Can You Get Private Datacenter Proxies?

Whilst researching proxy usage you more than likely notice some disdain from some internet marketers towards datacenter proxies. The main reasons for this are not compatible with certain complex websites and they are not on the same level of undetectability as residential that proxies are. What they often fail to mention is that decent numbers of them can still be used on most complex websites and there is still a significant place for datacenter proxies in the world of internet marketing.

Best Dedicated Datacenter Proxies

The best datacenter proxy types are the private proxies otherwise known as dedicated proxies. They maintain the same IP and do not rotate and are still the most popular and most available product you can get in today's proxy market. Some companies refer to them as static proxies on occasion, below we explore the best places to browse for a purchase; 

  • MyPrivateProxy

Luminati is widely regarded as the best proxy provider in the market, MyPrivateProxy is suitably acclaimed when it comes to datacenter proxy service provisions. They have focused their attention into one area with a particular target market in mind and that is the root of their success. Their dedication and commitment to datacenter proxies is unfathomable, so much so, they don’t even sell rotating proxies. They know their dedicated proxies and you have the option of buying shared or private proxies for fairly matched, value-for-money rates which work perfectly with a good number of reputable internet marketing activities.

  • InstantProxies

InstantProxies if anything, is unbelievably cheap. For example, 10 private proxies will cost as little as $10. It is also one of the only places that will allow the customer to try before they buy and test the compatibility of the proxy with the site/s you wish to use them on via the pinging tool. If their proxies are compatible with your site, purchasing them from here will save you some considerable money. There have been murmurs of lag on some complex sites but they are known for speed and are proven on a number of complex websites.

  • Highproxies

These are private datacenter proxies which are hosted on a high-speed 1Gbps servers with 16GB RAM. This established company provides secure and reliable proxies that fit most sites with unmetered bandwidth providing uninterrupted connection. Highproxies datacenter proxies general private proxies are often cheap enough to be classed as reasonable or fairly priced, the choice of specialized proxies is certainly not. Their classified Ad proxies and social media proxies are as expensive as you are likely to find.

Final Thoughts

Datacenter proxies may have more competition than ever in a variety of different formats but their lifespan should not be questioned. They still have a very important role to play and remain the most used proxies in the market today because of their affordable price level and their availability to all. Despite being non-compatible with certain applications, there are plenty of relevant uses and functions for datacenter proxies to survive in the modern market. 

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