6 Wearables Guaranteed to Improve Your Health

New wearable technology has made it easier than ever to get real data on your health — including info on how you exercise, how well you sleep, and even how good your posture is. 

These wearables are some of the best to arrive on the market over the past few years. Each comes with special features that make them a great choice for anyone who is trying to get in shape or improve their health.

1. The Apple Watch SE

For those who are interested in fitness wearables, but aren’t sure about a single-purpose device, the Apple Watch SE is a great entry point.

In addition to providing the typical smartwatch features, the Apple Watch SE is also a well-rounded fitness tracker.

Prices for the watch vary, but you should expect to spend between $279 and $399 for the Watch SE.

2. The Amazon Halo

The Halo is Amazon’s foray into the wearable market. The band has a mid-range price point — costing around $99 — and a powerful companion app that helps you analyze the valuable health info that the device collects.

Another major bonus of the Halo is its on-board AI tech. 

Recently, healthcare AI has started to make its way into consumer devices. Some new tech, as a result, can automatically collect and analyze data that’s relevant to your health using powerful AI algorithms.

However, Amazon’s holistic and all-encompassing approach to health can be a little off putting. The Halo gathers a lot more data on your health than other fitness trackers. The extra info may be a serious draw for some, but others have noted that some features — like the band’s “tone analysis” — can feel a little bit creepy or invasive.

3. The Fitbit Sense

Fitbit is one of the best-known wearable brands, and for good reason — if you want a well-rounded fitness tracker, their wearables are some of the best available.

The Fitbit Sense is an upper-end fitness tracker, costing $279.95 new, and is one of the newest fitness trackers from the company. 

It provides all the features you’d want in a health wearable — like heart rate tracking, exercise plans, and blood oxygen saturation monitoring. 

The Sense also has one of the best available sleep trackers. Over time, the Sense will build a personalized sleep profile, helping you track your sleep quality over time. This makes it a great companion to mental health apps and other tools that help you manage your mental health while you boost your physical health.

4. The UPRIGHT GO Posture Corrector

The GO is a wearable designed specifically to help you improve your posture. 

How we stand, sit, and walk can have a big impact on our health. For example, slouching at your desk can cause joint and muscle pain, while crossing your legs can lead to lower back pain and “spider veins.”

The GO can track your posture throughout the day, alerting you when you slouch. These notes can help you maintain good posture — potentially allowing you to cut down on chronic joint pain and muscle strain.

At $79.95, it is a little pricey for a single-purpose device — but it could be invaluable for those who want to improve their posture.

5. The Garmin Forerunner Series 

These running watches are perfect for runners who want to track their exercise and plan new routes.

With a watch from the Garmin Forerunner series, you can map your runs with GPS, or keep track of your respiration, heart rate, and blood oxygen saturation while you exercise.

Some watches in the series also include temperature sensing features that you can use to help you spot unusual fluctuations in body temperature — possibly helping you catch a fever early. This could make it a good complement to other illness-preventing wearable technology, like the ImmuTouch Wristband, a wearable designed to help you refrain from touching your eyes and mouth.

While the watches can be fairly expensive — with models costing anywhere between $149 and $599 — they make a great gadget for runners who want to track their exercise.

6. The Wyze Band

At just $25, the Wyze Band is the wearable market’s price leader. This ultra-affordable wearable is a great pick for anyone who has wanted to pick up a fitness tracker but has been put off by the price of higher-end wearable devices. 

The Band has a range of features comparable to most wearables — like 24/7 heart rate tracking, sleep tracking, and a long-lasting battery. However, you may miss out on some of the more advanced features that pricier wearables offer, like oxygen saturation monitors or exercise planners.

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Track Your Health With These Wearables

When it comes to tracking your health, these wearables are some of the best available. Whether you need a well-rounded health tracking solution, or have a more specific concern, picking up one of these wearables can help you learn more about your health and develop new healthy habits. 

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