8 SEO Chrome Extensions You Can't Survive Without

Do you want to optimize your website using effective SEO strategies? It can be a demanding task. That is where SEO chrome extensions prove to be helpful. With just a few clicks, you can enhance the productivity and efficiency of your site. One can easily install extensions on the chrome browser and analyze any targeted domain.

Google Chrome extensions are easy to use and cost-effective. There are countless extensions, each with different functions. Some extensions focus on keyword data research, others on backlinks analysis, and some give technical suggestions. 

Below is the list of 10 efficient and must-have SEO Chrome extensions that help improve your SEO:


Keyword overview is a user-friendly tool that conducts comprehensive research on a particular keyword to determine its value. By entering the keyword you desire, you can assess various parameters and their impact on your audience and ranking. These metrics include search volume, keyword difficulty, CPC, and competition. The tool provides you insights into keyword trends, related keyword suggestions, organic and paid keyword research.

The ad history report shows details of your selected keyword for the paid search. You can determine the duration, price, features, and ranking of these ads. In this manner, you can analyze how your competitors had been using these keywords for their campaigns.

The extension helps you determine the Authority score of a page, referring domains, and organic traffic. These metrics breakdown the figures to devise a pathway to achieve a desirable position in SERPs. Whatever your niche or location is, SEMrush keyword explorer crawls every search engine to find what keywords the audience is exploring. The tool gives you a complete overview of the searched keywords enabling marketing personnel and SEO specialists to work on progress and development.

2. MOZbar

Mozbar is an SEO chrome extension by Moz that provides insights about various web pages and sites instantly. Mozbar chrome extension allows you to check different website's domain and page authority. Using the toolbar, you can assess link metrics differentiating between internal, external, and Nofollow links. It also allows you to custom your searches according to a specific location. The extension gives insights on markups available, HTTP status codes, on-page SEO elements, and spam score. Mozbar chrome extension is useful to provide information about keyword rankings on webpages. Therefore, Mozbar is an imperative SEO extension to provide valuable data.


If you want to know the traffic details of your competitor, SimilarWeb is the most trusted and authentic tool for this. It gives all the traffic statistics for the past six months of every website. It includes information about the number of visitors, duration of visit, bounce rate, and your visitors' geographic locations. You can even check the traffic sources, either coming from a search engine, any social media platform, or directly. Getting a hold of these facts and figures can help you decide which areas of your website need improvement. The plus point about this extension is that all the data is reliable and invaluable.


The name itself indicates that this SEO chrome extension helps in analyzing the tags on your webpage. Although it has a simple look, however, it contains many useful advantages. Just maneuver through the page and switch on the option of Tag Assistant. A list of all the tags that are on that page will appear. The color of the icon changes if the extension finds any issue. If you wish to know the complete details of this problem, you can flick on it. Aside from this, this useful tool serves as a troubleshooting wizard when you want to install Google tags. It also lets you know if you have carried out the process of the installation correctly. 


Do you wish to know what kind of technologies are the websites using these days? Wappalyzer is the best extension for you. It reveals all the technical tools of a website in just one click. It gives you information about the content marketing system and the software, tools of analysis, and e-commerce forums. When you discover such confidential information, it will help you get an idea about the recent tech-related techniques. In this way, you can implement it on your website and improve your SEO strategies.


With advancements in internet speeds and technology, no one wants to wait so long for a web page to load. Instead, users will choose another website for their search queries. In such situations, your website will drop traffic as well as a decline in website rankings. That is why the use of speed tracking tool is more relevant than ever. PageSpeed gives you insights about the errors that are causing hindrance in loading your website. It shows the option of the performance score for any device. Just in case your website has a low score, you can press the button "Need More" for a description of errors. Also, this chrome extension examines the speed of both desktop and mobile websites.


Are you thinking of maintaining the technical SEO of your website up-to-date? Then, Redirect path extension is the solution.

To keep your site robust, you need to have all your links well-functioning. Yet, due to any reason, you may want to change the URLs of your page. Here, the redirect path extension plays a part.

Redirect is crucial for the audience and search engines both. If you delete or move any URLs, you want the audience to land on a new URL rather than on an error page. Use this extension to find any broken link and make sure your audience is landing on a correct URL. 

Redirect path is a simple yet strong tool to show HTTP header and flags up URLs with HTTP codes 301, 302, 404, and 500.


Google Page Analytics is a powerful tool to analyze the interaction of your audience on the website. The tool identifies critical metrics such as Pageviews, bounce rate, and average time on page. It also helps you determine the user clicks. You can find which pages of your site perform well and what further changes you need to improve user experience and conversion rate. You can view each metric in real-time by directly clicking on the Google Analytics account.


Had there not been any of these powerful yet simple tools, we have to work manually to enhance SEO functionalities. It doesn't matter if you are a newbie or specialist; these chrome extensions will always add value to your website. All of these tools provide information about the areas where you are lacking. Select the ones among these that best meets your website needs. 

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