How to Use Bitcoin as a Freelancer?

A few years ago, the idea of digital currencies seemed like a milestone in the fintech world, but few have been able to pinpoint exactly to what extent these new currencies could impact a wide array of other industries. The fickle nature of this currency has made it less appealing at first, so many have been reluctant to invest or start accepting crypto as payment in exchange for products or services. 

Today, the security of blockchain paired with the growth trend of bitcoin has made crypto payments a reality for many. More businesses are beginning to accept bitcoin as a valid form of payment, and they’ve started mining, as well, to build up their own nest egg. 

Then again, freelancing has been around for long enough that so many hard workers know that diversification is one of the best ways to build financial security and stability. Much like freelancers typically don’t work for one client at a time, but choose a number of different brands or projects, their interest in bitcoin has naturally grown over time. If you’re a freelancer and you’re new to the notion of bitcoin, here are a few ideas that can help you make the most of bitcoin in your work. 

Accepting payments for work

The first and the most obvious way you can use bitcoin as a freelancer is to accept it as a payment method for your services or products. Today, even on sites such as Etsy, many people who hand-craft their products can accept this form of payment to make sure more people can reach them and their products. 

Since bitcoin is becoming more viable across the globe, accepting bitcoin is a great start for your freelancing career, one that offers minimal risk. You can create your own wallet, and benefit from various security features of the blockchain technology, and expand your freelancing offers to accept bitcoin. Over time, you’ll be able to determine how lucrative this particular way of earning is for you, and of course, balance earning in regular fiat currencies to make sure you earn a stable income.

Investing in bitcoin savings

In case you start accepting bitcoin as a valid payment method for your freelancing services, you can also leverage your earnings not merely for their spending potential, but as a means to save up for a rainy day. In case you’re not an experienced investor, you can work with someone who knows their way around cryptocurrency investing and find a plan that helps you stay stable financially while making the most of your bitcoin earnings.

Mining your own bitcoin 

Another method of leveraging bitcoin in the freelancing community is its most essential form: mining! If you have earned a decent sum on a project, for example, and you want to start building up your own bitcoin savings, or use the currency to pay for other services and products, this is the best way to do it.

With the help of powerful bitcoin mining hardware at your disposal, you can slowly expand your savings or use the bitcoin to trade or invest. A variety of options are at your disposal when you learn how to maximize your mining potential with the right equipment and the most optimal investment. 

Expanding to bitcoin-friendly platforms

All freelancers know about sites such as Upwork or 99Designs, but due to the growing popularity of digital payments and bitcoin in particular, you can create profiles on websites that give you access to bitcoin payments. Bitcoin-based freelancing platforms have become another lucrative source of income for those who are happy to accept this form of payment. You no longer have to limit your work to the traditional platforms, but offer your services on websites that specialize in bitcoin-related exchanges.

Working with bitcoin-paying brands

Expanding your client base is perhaps one of those goals you’re always trying to reach. Even as an experienced freelancer, finding more projects or businesses in need of your services is a never-ending challenge. 

When you accept bitcoin as payment for your services, you actually make yourself a more viable candidate for businesses that intend to pay in bitcoin. Especially if you wish to work with specialized bitcoin traders and with fintech companies, accepting bitcoin will put you on their map as a solid candidate. 

Diversifying your investment portfolio

Working with a multitude of clients can be very lucrative, but when you hit a slow month or two, having various assets at your disposal can help you sustain your choice of career until the situation improves. That is why investing in bitcoin, in addition to your other savings and investments can be very helpful for your freelancing career.

Diversifying your investments with bitcoin will allow you to use services and products, save more over time, and build up your long-term savings for your silver years. The value of bitcoin might be prone to oscillations, but since you haven’t placed all of your eggs in one basket, having access to bitcoin will actually be beneficial precisely because of your other assets, too. 

Opening new opportunities with bitcoin

You can use bitcoin to pay for so many services and products today that it is beginning to make more sense to invest in this currency and start using it on a regular basis. From restaurants, airlines, all the way to cannabis retailers, brands across the world are accepting bitcoin as a valid payment method, and the numbers keep growing. 

As a freelancer, you might not be interested in digital nomadism, but you can benefit from bitcoin due to its expanding application in all industries. When you do travel, you’ll be able to pay for accommodation with bitcoin. When you go out locally to one of your favorite eateries, they might be open to accepting bitcoin as well. Just like your earning potential, your spending means will grow with accepting bitcoin. 

The world today is brimming with digital payment opportunities, so bitcoin might not be the only one in the race, but it sure is in the lead as the most viable and secure digital currency available. In that respect, bitcoin makes a good start if you’d like to include other cryptocurrencies later in your freelancing career, be it in the form of payments or investments. 

Consider it a great starting point into the world of cryptocurrencies, so that you can get more experience and then build up your savings and your earning potential with the help of these advanced currencies that will most likely grow in relevance over time. 

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