Busting Myths About Video-Based Learning

Many are still finding it difficult to accept video-based learning as a form of education.

There are still plenty of individuals who doubt the effectiveness and engagement rates for this learning tool. Like every other disagreement, video-based learning was also victimized with several myths circling around it. 

What many fail to understand is that when you have effective teleconference software, video-based learning can actually be informative, educational, engaging, and entertaining all at the same time. It can also help to increase employee engagement rates. 

With video-based learning, you can ensure that your employees are capable of learning at work the way they learn naturally outside the four walls of your office - be it brick and mortar or the virtual one. 

Here are the top myths that are circling around video-based learning in today’s time. 

Video-based learning is a costly affair 

Many are under an impression that video-based learning will cost a fortune. Well, it doesn’t really have to. On the contrary, video-based learning can often turn out to be a cost-effective and economical deal for many. 

You can easily find equipment for video creation and editing. You also have an opportunity to outsource content and videos and use the same for more than one employee. 

There are also other areas where you save your costs when you opt for video-based learning. Gone are the days when you have to spend a huge amount on getting an on-site instructor. You can now easily eliminate the cost of their travel and accommodation. 

Moreover, the need to get the material printed for employees also eliminates with video-based learning. So, overall, it is much more economical than the traditional form of learning. 

Video-based learning will replace teachers and trainers 

There are several individuals who believe that video-based learning is the end of teachers and other educators out there. Let us tell you, it is hardly true. Video-based learning was never created with an aim to replace teachers and trainers, but only to enhance the learning experience and make learning more accessible. 

It is a tool that seeks to offer just a more engaging, powerful, and interesting form of learning to learners. It helps users interact with complex concepts and makes it easier for them to grasp it. 

Also, it allows learners to enjoy their learning sessions thanks to the various features of digital tools such as animation and virtual environments. 

Video-based learning has the capability of getting misused 

Managers and employers doubt video-based learning because they believe that their employees would spend their entire days watching videos which will make the everyday roles take a back seat. In fact, the truth of the matter is that it is quite a challenge to get employees to try eLearning and also take responsibility for training and development. 

You can start by initiating brief videos and help employees find answers within workflows. Also, make sure your training sessions are being supported by mobile devices as well. It makes it easy for them to access the material. 

Video-based learning is complicated 

This myth is more inclined towards the learning pace of the learners. 

It is often said that every individual has a different pace of learning and they believe that it is not possible to maintain that pace when it comes to video-paced learning. 

This would have been true in the absence of stop, play, rewind, and pause buttons. With these features, your employees can easily control the pace of the pre-recorded videos as they want to. 

Moreover, when it comes to instructor-led videos, there are now tools that allow you to record the sessions so that you can watch the same later when the need arises. 


Video-based learning has proven itself to be one of the most engaging, interactive, interesting, and inspiring form of learning. Tell us what is your favorite tool for initiating video-based learning? 

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