5 Reasons Buying Phones Online Is A Win-Win

Whether to buy a good online or to buy it from a retailer has been a question for many, some people suggest getting a phone through retail would be better as you could feel and test the live product, others say that they get to know the retailer and build a sense of trust.

However, contrary to all of this, we will tell you that buying a phone online is the best course of action, and here’s why.

Every year almost 1.52 billion phones are sold to consumers across the globe. With over twice the amount sold in 2019 than in 2012, mobile phone sales have hit an all-time high. This means that over the course of a single year, the number of devices sold is enough to ensure that 19 % of the world has access to a device. (Statista)

Now with these stats, you can see that a lot of sales are made in mobile devices across the world. On top of all this, a majority of the purchases have been made online. If you are wondering why, here’s your answer:

1. Return Policy:

Most online vendors offer you amazing return policies. With extremely short replacement and cashback times, you can be assured that you will only receive the product you placed and that it will run just as smoothly and perfectly as you expect.

With a very lenient return policy for the first month or 7 days, you are protected from receiving a faulty product and will always get a genuine product from your online mobile store.

2. Comparable reviews:

One of the greatest advantages of online sites, when compared to general retail stores, is the ability to check previous customer ratings and reviews. You can always judge a product based on the experience that other customers might have had. 

With this in mind, you can be free to choose any product of your choice without worrying whether it is safe or not simply by looking at customer ratings. 

This is a feature that you can sadly never perform when buying a product directly.

With companies providing the ability to see both good and bad reviews you can be sure to see the good and the bad.

3. No card swipe charges and easy EMI’s:

Another advantage of the Online method is that you will not have to worry about paying extra charges for swiping your card. With much more improvised online banking systems you can spend money with relatively no fear.

The online method also allows for quick and simple EMI schemes that ensure you don’t have to pay the full price immediately but can pay for it in small, successive packets of money every month, thus, minimizing the stress on you.

4. Doorstep delivery:

Compared to other means of buying, purchasing online gives you the option of having the device delivered directly to your doorstep. With the pandemic in full force, going from shop to shop looking for the best prices on that brand-new phone is quite a hazard for your health. With internet shopping, you can safely pick the best price for you and ensure that you get the product as fast as possible with no hassle.

5. Lowest Prices on the market:

Online retailers offer some of the lowest prices on the market, With prices going much lower than that quoted in shops, it is no longer a choice between the two. As time has progressed so have the retailers. Now online shops also offer you second-hand devices to meet needs on any price range. 

With the introduction of second-hand online shops, you can receive a refurbished piece at a highly discounted rate.

When you buy a phone on the market you are forced to navigate multiple shops, communicate with multiple people, find the best price, check the return policy, and pay extra for a card swipe.  You can get over all of these problems with the help of online shopping systems.

Made with the most improved techniques and able to predict exactly what you want and offer you the lowest price for the good, these safe havens are all you need to make your Christmas or New Year’s a lot more wonderful.

Remember to keep yourself safe by shopping online.

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