Buying an Apple Watch? Read This First!

Are you saving up to buy an expensive Apple product? Planning on how you could gather the money you need to get one? Well, worry no more, here’s an article on how you could get the best products at a much lower rate.

With over 96% of customers surveyed saying that buying refurbished products helps them save money and 94% saying that they bought some in the last three years along with incredibly high customer satisfaction reaching the late 80 percents, you can be assured that you will be ensured a good product at a reasonable price without making any compromises. (Liquidity Services)

What is a refurbished product?

Refurbishment is the distribution of electronic goods that have been previously returned to the source of manufacturing or seller for various reasons, those that remain unsold in the market or products that were newly launched. Refurbished products are normally tested for functionality and defects which are then fixed before they are sold to the public. They are repaired by the original manufacturer before reselling at a much-discounted price.

Why should you buy a refurbished product?

With a large sum of consumers buying their electronic goods refurbished the refurbished electronic business is now booming, you might be wondering why. With several leading stores offering perfect solutions for all your electronic needs at a cheap price like loop mobile, you can be guaranteed a quality product. There are several reasons for this some of which include:


When it comes to high-end electronic devices, not all of us can afford them right off the shelf, with some of these costing a few months’ worths of salary to even afford.

Refurbished products are significantly cheaper, with rates going well under 75% of the initial cost. These products are brand new and for all purposes, unused. 

So when it comes to reasonable prices, refurbished products are the way for you.

Save money, save the struggle, and spend that money on something else instead.

This is especially true when it comes to buying an Apple product like an Apple watch.

Cheap, yet performing just as efficiently as a brand new product, you must be wondering why more people don’t buy refurbished products and quite honestly, we have the same question too.

Brand name:

When you buy a refurbished product, the lowered costs will mean that you no longer have to compromise on the brand name to buy a reasonably priced product.

Goods by Apple, the expensive Samsungs, and all such products are now within your budget.

With 57% of customers considering a brand name to be a key consideration when buying a product, we can understand why people prefer to go for branded products.

Environmentally sustainable:

Beyond the economic and brand value of these phones, another important advantage of these products is the environmental advantages. 

When you use refurbished phones, you can ensure that these phones aren’t thrown away, saving almost a tonne of carbon dioxide from being released into the world.

Choosing such a product helps keep the line of reuse and recycling going on and save many more tonnes of coal from being burnt.

Saving your planet while buying a phone is now a reality. With such little requirements from you, why wouldn’t you want to get an environmentally sustainable phone or watch?

Comes with a warranty:

If you still don’t trust these refurbished devices even though the original manufacturers refurbish them, then you would be glad to know that they have a rather generous warranty policy, with the refurbished device coming with as long or an even longer warranty than the original product.

With a warranty, you are promised safety and consistent support in case anything goes wrong with your device.

On buying yourself a refurbished device always remember that you need to buy your product from a trusted vendor. The vendor you decide to buy from determines the quality of your product. So make sure you buy your device from a trusted source.

On top of all this, with the Christmas season coming, you’ll want to give your loved ones something nice, and what better to get them something quite luxurious and special without spending your entire month’s earnings. 

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