Why Whiteboard Animation is Still in Fashion?

Anywhere you go online, you are most likely to see a video whether it be a commercial, educational, or informational video. You probably do not notice that half of these videos are animated. A section of those animated videos is one of the most classic forms of animated videos: Whiteboard Animation. 

With the advancement of technology now, the possibilities to be creative are endless. There are hundreds of kinds of animated videos that you can create. Why on earth, then, would someone choose whiteboard animation as the animation style of their videos? Let us find out together. But first, we should define and describe what Whiteboard Animation is.

What is Whiteboard Animation?

As the name suggests, Whiteboard Animation is a video animation style that allows the audience to view content through hand-drawn images on the screen. The author draws and records an illustration story using his whiteboard or a clear, white surface. After recording the illustrations, the author may add narrations, background music, and animated graphics to support and add context to the video.

Before you decide to use whiteboard animation videos for your content, you should ask yourself…

Why Should I Use Whiteboard Animation?

If you are unsure whether or not you should still use whiteboard animation, you should see some examples as to what whiteboard animation video trends you can employ in creating your content.

Now to answer your question, here are just some of the benefits of using whiteboard animation:

Whiteboard animation is a classic

Whiteboard animation was invented in the 1950s but was popularized during the rising fame of YouTube in 2005. Back then, you could still see the body of the illustrator who was creating the video. Now, you can only usually see the hand of the artist and hear a narration or background music.

It is eye-catching and creative

For people with short attention spans, whiteboard animation does the trick of keeping someone’s attention with the changing illustrations. If you have artistic capabilities, you can also 

Properly demonstrates a process

Illustrators clearly draw and animate how to do a certain process so that when users need to go back to a certain step, it is easier to backtrack and then remember.

It is simple and easy to understand

Since a lot of people (especially younger audience) have a shorter attention span, it is good that whiteboard animation videos are short enough to share relevant information but also keep the attention of viewers!

Relatively simple to produce and publish

With the right tools and software, you can either record your own whiteboard animation video or use tools and software to animate your content for you. With today’s technology, it should be easy enough even for people who are not tech-savvy!

Easy to tell a visual story

A great way to tell a story is through whiteboard animation videos. Whether it be a story of your life, your company, or a tall tale of fiction, using whiteboard animation has always been one of the most effective ways to tell a story. You can even inject some humor when narrating your animation.

You can reuse old audio

If you have your own audio, you may keep using these tracks for whatever whiteboard animation video you produce. Whether it be narration, sound effects, or background music, you may reuse these elements in your future videos.

Video producers still choose whiteboard animation videos because they are quite easy to make. It is also easy for them to explain complex ideas or processes because people do not often get bored when they watch a whiteboard animation video. Since there aren’t many elements on a whiteboard animation video, it’s easier for people to follow what is on the screen and even understand what is being explained.

What Tools Can I Use To Make A Whiteboard Animation Video?

It is relatively easy to put together a whiteboard animation video with the right tools. If you have artistic ability to draw out concepts, a whiteboard, marker, camera, and video editing software is enough for you to record, edit, and publish your whiteboard animation video.

1. VideoScribe 

VideoScribe is one of the top-tier whiteboard animation video software on the market. Since it is very user-friendly, a lot of people treat VideoScribe as their go-to animation software. It is an application that offers a free trial, but you can also purchase it by paying a one-time fee of $800 or subscribe monthly or yearly at $35 per month and $14 per month respectively. It has a desktop and mobile app version that is available on both Windows and Mac. With VideoScribe, you can already create pretty good whiteboard animation videos.

2. Doodly 

Doodly is another whiteboard animation software that allows anyone of different technical ability to make their own whiteboard animation videos. It is another software that is user-friendly since it is using a drag and drop feature.There is an available free trial, but you may also subscribe to their monthly or annual plans to unlock more images, background scenes, and music tracks.

3. Powtoon 

Powtoon is an online whiteboard animation video production tool that can run on your browser. It is also pretty user-friendly. You have the option to create animated cartoon videos or a whiteboard animation video instead. Nevertheless, Powtoon is quite straightforward to use and is one of our recommendations.

Now that you have different options on how to create your whiteboard animation video, it is now time for you to brainstorm on the topics that you want to share and discuss!

Whether you are going to use the whiteboard animation videos for training, educational, or storytelling purposes it should be fairly easy for you to produce good quality content

If you are still having a rough time putting your thoughts together or putting the video together in general, the team at Animation Explainers are out to help you out! You may schedule a quick consultation to discuss what you want to accomplish with your videos. 

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