4 Safest Ways to Store Bitcoins: Which One to Choose?

Many people like to invest in bitcoins, but they are confused about how to store bitcoins. Unlike the traditional currencies that can be stored in your purse, wallet, or bank locker, the bitcoins can't be stored this way. Since the bitcoins are virtual currencies, they need to be stored in a virtual format. A place used to store bitcoin is called the bitcoin wallet, and in this article, we will try to know the safest ways to store bitcoins conveniently. In the coming bitcoin era, each and everyone will start investing in bitcoins thinking that they can make a good profit from this. Sooner bitcoin will rule the world. For more information you can visit here d-addicts.com

Desktop Wallets

The best part about the desktop wallet is that they are not connected to the internet, and thus, there are no chances that hackers or scammers will attack them. A desktop wallet offers lots of advantages and offers an online wallet. No doubt, the online wallets can be accessed from any part of the world, and you don't have to be present in your home while you are making a payment in bitcoin; these wallets are also prone to attack online hackers. 

The biggest disadvantage associated with the desktop wallet is that you can use them only when you are present at your home or the place where your desktop is present. Thus, the desktop wallets can't be used anytime and anywhere you want. But when it comes to safety. The desktop wallets are considered as one of the best options available.

Hardware Wallets

When it comes to the safety protocol, hardware wallets are more secure than a desktop wallet. The hardware wallets are like an external device attached to your desktop or any other digital device. One of the best types of hardware wallet is a USB device that stores your bitcoins safely. You can carry them around pretty conveniently. 

The best part about the hardware wallet is that it is completely anonymous, and thus, you won't face any privacy issues when you are using a hardware wallet to make any payment in bitcoins. The hardware wallets are resilient to different viruses and malware attacks. The biggest disadvantage associated with a hardware wallet is that if you lose your hardware wallet, there are no chances that you will be able to get back your bitcoins.

Paper Wallets

The paper wallets are among the other options that help you keep your bitcoins safe and secure. The only problem associated with a paper wallet is that you have to understand when you are thinking about using a paper wallet. The paper wallet can be generated by using a website that is designed for this specific purpose. Paper wallets can be stored pretty conveniently, but you have to pay maximum attention to the security option. Keep in mind that you can't trust any individual when it comes to your bitcoin wallet's private keys. When you are using a paper wallet, try to store it at a fireproof place and waterproof.

Physical Coins

You read it right, the bitcoins are virtual currencies, but they can also be turned into physical coins. The coins that you will get will include a tamper-proof sticker that will include the amount of bitcoin stored in your wallet. If you want to purchase these physical bitcoins, you may have to pay a slightly higher amount than the other methods of storing bitcoin. You also have to pay attention to physical coins' safety, as they are prone to theft.

No matter which type of bitcoin wallets you want to use, you have to pay attention to safety. All types of bitcoin wallets come up with certain advantages as well as disadvantages. Thus, when you are choosing a bitcoin wallet, make sure that the advantages surpass the disadvantages.

In addition to all these forms of bitcoin wallets, different wallets like the web wallet and the mobile wallets are also available. Thus, make your choice accordingly. Choose a wallet that is not only easy to use but which can store your bitcoins safely. Let us know which one of these wallets offered you the best option in terms of security. 

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