5 Benefits of Using CNC Machining Technology

Harnessing CNC machining for your manufacturing needs can make a lot of sense, although if you have never worked with this kind of equipment before you might want to learn more about the benefits offered in comparison with traditional alternatives.

Here is a look at those perks to provide you with the information you need to make the right decision during the procurement process.

Automation is integral

Because CNC machining is, by its very nature, controlled predominantly by computer hardware and software, there is less need for the direct, manual involvement of flesh and blood workers in the manufacturing process.

Even used equipment available from the likes of plasma machines can come with cutting edge automation capabilities onboard, which not only improves efficiency but also limits the likelihood of human error creating issues. 

Being able to automate the machining process and control it with immense precision also means there is less of a need to carry out test runs. Whereas a human worker would require training and practice with a conventional piece of equipment, there is no such need when automation is brought into the equation. There are of course a whole host of negatives to increasing machinery use, but the other obvious moral positives are hard to argue with.

Complexity is achievable

It is not just efficiency and cost-effectiveness that comes about as a result of using CNC machining tech; you can also leverage the precision that is afforded you to create far more complex components.

Whether you want to create aerospace parts from space-age materials with very tight tolerances, or you want to knock up a simpler prototype in a short time frame, CNC kit will have your back every time.

There are of course variations in the precision of different machines, as well as the need for the right tooling to achieve the desired results. Even so, if you do your research and choose carefully, the equipment you pick should stand you in good stead whatever your aims.

Versatility is available

In the past, it will have been necessary to use several different pieces of equipment to produce a particular part, which not only increases the amount of time this process takes but also means that you face additional costs to acquire the machinery on top of the expense of storing and maintaining it.

Meanwhile CNC machining is innately versatile, with a single piece of equipment designed to be capable of doing the work of many more basic counterparts.

This versatility also extends to the kinds of movements a machine can make with different tool heads, allowing CNC lathes and milling centers to ply their trade to materials in a broader range of manufacturing contexts.

Safety is assured

When human workers had to be at the controls of machinery, getting up close and personal with the materials being cut and the tooling doing the cutting, there were plenty of dangers involved and accidents were always a possibility.

CNC machining represents a significant step towards safety for all employees, since it is possible to ramp up the speed of the machining process without putting anyone at risk of injury. Since a computer is controlling everything from moment to moment, the cutting zone can effectively be isolated, shielding the rest of the workspace from any flying detritus that is generated. This feeds into the wider benefits that robotics brings to the table in the modern world.

Repeatability is guaranteed

The final advantage to consider is that CNC machining is optimally and infinitely repeatable, since the precision and accuracy of the computer-controlled equipment will be identical from the first pass to the last.

Even the setup can be automated to an extent to further reduce the chances of mistakes being made once production is underway.

Now that you know all about why CNC machining is the future of manufacturing, the only thing left to do is experience it for yourself.

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