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Having a universal file format converter such as on hand is quite useful. Whether you need to play audio or video files on different devices, send a report to your boss in the most compatible format, or you received an unrecognized file format. You'll want a file converter that is efficient and fast.

Searching for the working online conversion tool is often without results, and learning how to convert your files with specialized software requires more time. Besides, finding the right file format to use has become quite a nuisance because of so many choices and compatibility issues. The truth is, opening and sending different file formats should be the least of your worries.

If there was just one tool you could use to change the format of your documents, videos, music, etc. with just a few clicks, opening, organizing, editing, or sending files would be much more manageable. Save your time for more important things and check out what makes the best tool you can start using right now.     

What is is an online-based tool that supports various format conversions. It is entirely free to use without any e-mail registration or installing third-party software on your computer. The only thing this converter needs to work is a web browser and functional Internet connection. That makes it accessible on various devices and increases its usability.  

What makes this tool universal is that supports a multitude of audio, video, document, archive, spreadsheet, presentation, e-book, image, and vector formats. One thing is for sure; you will have no problem converting any file format you need.

The most important question when it comes to online tools is whether your files are safe. Most online converters keep your data until you have a registered account, but doesn't need user registration to provide service. Because of the number of converted files daily, deletes your original files within one hour and converted files within 24 hours. That makes it less of a security risk than other websites with similar services.

Features of

If you need a reliable and secure online converter, is more than a well-suited tool for you. Except for being entirely free for unlimited daily conversions, doesn't have any payment locked features.

All its users have access to premium options for settings and unlimited daily conversion. To make your file format conversions even faster, you can convert up to ten files at once. If you need more reasons to use this online converter, you'll find it easier to decide after reviewing the list of its features.

Features of include:

Multiple conversions of up to 10 files simultaneously enabled

Support for large files (up to 200 MB)

No ads

100 % FREE unlimited file conversions

Supports a wide variety of input and output file formats (video, audio, image, vector, spreadsheet, presentation, e-book, archive, document)

No daily time limit

Simple to use

Available on different operating systems (Mac, Windows, Linux, etc.)

No installation of third party software

No registration with e-mail or any personal data

Download link available directly on the website

How to convert any file format with is conveniently organized into nine categories: audio, video, image, document, archive, vector, presentation, spreadsheet, and e-book file formats. If you don't know what type of format your file is, you can go to the home page. Since each category contains the most used file types, you'll have no problem finding the one you need.

The conversion process is fast and simple. In just a few clicks, you'll download your converted files.

Upload your file or add a link to the file and choose the target format. To make it easier, has built-in suggestions for each format conversion.

When you add your files, music, videos, or any other format, you can review settings or go straight to the starting conversion process.

After a few moments, the Download file button will appear, but you can also copy links and print, e-mail, or share your file on various social media platforms. If you wanted to adjust your image format before posting on social media quickly, this is a great option to use. Among supported social media links are Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Skype, Messenger, etc.

You can use the download link for 24 hours, but right after your conversions are over, you can convert again without any time limit.

Popular file format conversions

To get an idea for which purposes you could use, we'll mention some of the most sought file conversions you can do on this website.

For Apple users, the most needed file format conversion is image conversion from HEIC to JPEG image format because of compatibility issues with non-Apple devices. You'll also be happy to know that you can convert your images to other formats such as document, archive, etc. 

Extracting audio files from videos is easy with this online tool. You can listen to your favorite audiobook on any device if you convert your e-book to MP3 format with

Converting DOC or DOCX to PDF is available and also converting various document file formats to PDF format. Almost any file format supported on can be compressed with conversion to one of the archive formats.

Conversion between categories on is enabled. For example, you can convert any video format to another video format, but also audio or archive format. You'll probably be amazed at how many conversions are possible to do with just one tool.


Among many online converters, has the potential to be number one. It supports a lot of different file format conversions, and it won't cost you a dime. As an online tool, it is available on many operating systems and devices. If you don't have time to waste and want fast results, an efficient online tool is an answer. is a universal tool you should bookmark because you'll use it all the time when you begin exploring the options for conversions. 

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