How To Do a Reverse Image Search On Your Phone?

Thanks to technology, searching about something is not only limited to typing up a few words on a search engine. Another thing that both individuals and businesses do to authenticate something is doing a reverse image search. Not a lot of web users know about this powerful feature. If you’re someone who would like to utilize this, then keep on reading. In this article, we will be covering why people use reverse image search, as well as how to do a reverse image search on both Android and iOS phones.

What is a Reverse Image Search? 

Reverse image search is another alternative if you have a query and you want to research online. Using an image, this will make it easier for people to look for something without having to guess keywords and phrases, only to end up not getting the results they wanted. One popular search engine to help you with this is Google Images. Its reliability, and easy to navigate user interface makes it a go-to website for reverse image search. Google will generate and collate all the data collected using the photo you’ve uploaded as a basis. Google will show you related images, name of the picture you’ve uploaded, list of websites who used the photo, as well as the other sizes that the photo has online. 

Why Do People Use Reverse Image Search?

There are a lot of advantages when doing a reverse image search. First, you can gauge the validity of a thing or a person. Some people, especially those who engage in online dating, would research if the person they’re talking to is a real person and not someone who is catfishing them. This is also useful if the photo is fake or edited. Second, reverse image search can come in handy if you’d like to know if another website is using your art or product without your consent. With this, you may also do a reverse image search to know if someone is stealing your identity by using your photos on different websites. This is also a smart move before doing any online transactions so you won’t have to deal with phishing and scams. The most common use of reverse image searches is to know the name of the product. You see, reverse image search has a lot of uses and advantages.

In this article, we included a step by step tutorial to teach you how to reverse image search on phone. This will only take a few minutes.

How To Reverse Image Search on Android and iOS Phone with Google

The process of doing a reverse image for both Android and iOS are just similar. If you already have the photo saved on your phone, then doing a reverse image search should be a breeze. Go to your favorite search engine app. If you’re using Google Chrome, then better. Before searching using Google Chrome, you have to go to the app’s menu. Just look for the three vertical dots on the top right-most screen then tap it. Look for ‘desktop site’ and tap it to enable it. Go to Google Images then tap on the camera icon located on the right side of the search bar. Upload the image, tap search, and voila! You’re done with your first reverse image search. If you don’t have the photo saved on your phone, you may also paste an image URL. 

Another way to do this, aside from uploading the photo and URL, is by going to the website of the photo that you’d like to reverse search. Right-click on the image, then choose ‘Search Google for this image’. You will get results in seconds!

Just so you know, everything that you upload on Google Images will be stored for 7 days. The search will also not going to be part of your browser history

  - Use Third-party Apps 

Aside from doing a reverse image search directly on Google Chrome, you may also make use of different apps. Some of the crowd favorites are Google Lens, CamFind, Search By Image, and Image Search. There are quite of handful free reverse image search apps if you check Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

  - Use A Reverse Image Search Website 

Aside from Google, you may also make use of Pinterest, TinEye, Pixsy, even some e-commerce websites. Using a website dedicated to reverse image searching can help you by setting up filters, search by colors, and sizes. 


You see, doing a reverse image search is not as hard as it sounds. With your phone, you can do this by utilizing your Google Chrome app. You may also go directly to the website with the photo you want to reverse search. Another recommended way is to download third-party apps. 

Knowledge is power. Now that you’ve learned a few tricks on how to up your researching skills, better use it wisely. Use two or more ways when doing a reverse image search to double-check. 

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