Error Associated with VPN Threat to iPhone Users. Their Data is Leaking!

iPhone or Apple device is one of the most secured devices in the global market. If you carefully analyze the security metrics, you should conclude that Apple is spending millions of dollars just to secure the data of its customers. But things are getting traumatic as people with the latest version of the iOS 13.4. The users are facing serious issues like data leaking when they are using the VPN. After connecting the smartphone with the VPN server, they were supposed to get a clear connection and all the previous connections should have been terminated. Instead of that, the bugs in iOS is causing some major issues. Let’s learn more about the data leaking problem so that we can avoid being scammed by hackers.

Termination of the Active Connection

The first reason we are calling it a major bug is losing the ability to terminate the connection. Whenever a device is connected to the internet, it becomes a serious issue for the iPhone user as their IP address is visible to the hacker’s tools. You can also see the list of connected devices in the server on the same network protocol with the help of a VPN. But this was supposed to be reset while the VPN is active. To solve this problem, the best way is to switch off the phone with your data connection off. Turn it on and switch on the VPN so that the first protocol that the iOS sees is the VPN features. The VPN will configure the internet in such a way so that no external connection will be able to see your IP address.

Use the Best VPN

Some of the users are still having a problem as the phone atomically gets connected to the Apple server first before it loads the VPN. But this can be solved by using a premium level VPN. By using the premium VPN, the users can easily create a secured layer and the VPN will take care of the bugs. Most of the cheap VPN can’t do this properly whereas some of the free VPN from the reputed companies can take care of these issues. Check free VPN for iPhone recommend on Reddit and you will get a clear idea about the top VPN which you should use in your smart device.

Look for the Software Update

The data leaking problem has raised chaos in the apple community. Apple is working their best to solve the issue.  So stay tuned for the latest software update as it can fix the issues with a blink of an eye. But chances are high you might face this problem shortly as both VPN and iOS depends on a complex network algorithm. The reason to develop such a complex network algorithm is to protect the user’s data. At times extra measures could be chaos is again proved by the issues. However, some smart steps from the user can easily bypass the problem and keep the data secured. 

Being a new iPhone user, it will be a hectic problem and you might want to get back to the android device. But a quick way to fix the problem for the VPN user is to switch on the airplane mode. This will kill all the active internet connection and create a safe pathway for the VPN so that it can transmit the data in the encryption medium. In some cases, the professional VPN will do this for you and you won't even notice.

Always Use Updated Software

This problem can also arise when the users are depending on obsolete applications. The updated iOS works best with the updated applications. So, if you are one of those who don’t want to update the apps of iOS regularly, this problem might be a major cause. Try to use the updated applications as it can improve security and provide a safe passage to use the VPN. It might be a hectic task but you must develop the habit of using updated apps while using such a high-end smartphone.

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