Apple's Next Major Update Will Transform the Way Users Interact With Apps

During the 2020 Worldwide Developers Conference, WWDC, Apple shared the details about their next major update iOS 14 that is going to be released later in the year. 

"iOS 14 transforms the most iconic elements of the iPhone experience, starting with the biggest update we've ever made to the Home Screen." "With beautifully redesigned widgets on the Home Screen, the App Library that automatically organizes all of your apps, and App Clips that are fast and easy to discover, iPhone becomes even more powerful and easier to use." - Craig Federighi, Apple's senior vice president of Software Engineering.

iOS 14 has introduced a few updates and changes to improve user experience, along with some completely new customization options that are going to change the way people interact with apps. 

The upcoming iOS version is going to change a lot of things for iPhone app developers, app entrepreneurs, and iOS app development companies. 

Let's find out more about this update and what it means for iOS users. 

What Is New In iOS 14 – The Next Major Update By Apple:

One of the significant updates with iOS 14 is the beautifully redesigned widgets on the Home Screen pages and the App Library. The new widgets provide a more personalized experience for the users as they can get timely information and pin what they need on any Home Screen page in different sizes. It means you can create a smart stack of widgets that surface at the right time with on-device intelligence based on time, activity, and location.

Besides, these widgets are also categorized for sports, work, travel, entertainment, and so on. The Home Screen also offers the new App Library that automatically organizes users' apps with an easy-to-navigate interface. Users' can also customize the number of Home Screen pages for quick access to the App Library. 

Here are some more updates that accompany the iOS 14 version.

        Apple has taken a new, compact design for incoming phone and FaceTime calls, as well as Siri interactions, which allow users to continue engaging with what they were doing. The update also makes it possible for iPhone users to watch a video or have a FaceTime call while they are using another app, with Picture-in-Picture support. 

        The App Clip feature provides a selected app experience that is designed to make apps be accessed in the moment of need without the actual need to download them. Users can load App Clips within seconds and complete any particular task, such as filling the parking meter, buying something from a cafe, or renting a car. They are easy to find, and you can access them by scanning a new Apple App Clip code or using QR codes and NFC tags.

        Messaging is the primary medium for most of us to communicate with friends and family. With iOS 14, Apple makes it easier for users to stay connected and easily access important messages. The update allows users to pin specific conversations on the top of their messages list, helping them to keep up with more active group threads. And you can also customize your conversation by setting a group display with an image or emoji. 

        As most of the users associate high security and privacy with Apple products, the iOS 14 update also enhances on the privacy and transparency features. According to the update, all apps will be required to get users' permission before tracking, with more details on developers' self-reported privacy practices to be shared.    

How The Update Of iOS 14 will transform the Way Users Interact with Apps?

It is possible for some users to not notice the change at first. If you have been using a smartphone for some time now, your device is likely to be cluttered with many apps, some of which you frequently use, rarely use, or others that are no longer useful to you.

Moreover, maybe your home screen is organized, but the majority of people's devices are not, which means there are many apps located on their phones in an entirely cluttered manner.

If you also happen to be one of those people, the iOS 14 update is ultimately going to change how you interact with apps. Firstly, the App Library customizes your app experience by showing you apps in a more categorized manner than ever before.

Besides, fighting app fatigue has been a challenge that app users have been facing for a long time. These changes Apple is bringing with iOS 14 are going to be significant when it comes to changing the present app paradigm. A lot of people don't want to download another new app, create a new account, or get another icon in the clutter.

But, with a more categorized display of apps and with App Library downloading apps will get less intimidating. Besides, if you bring in the Sign in with Apple feature, the journey from no new apps to interacting with content wouldn't be so unpleasant. 

Another update in iOS 14 that is going to change how users interact with apps is App Clips. An App Clip is a small section of your app that is discoverable at the exact moment when it is needed. The more instant access and experience is going to change how people use apps. There are various ways to use these mini-apps. So, whether you are getting take-out from a restaurant or renting a scooter, with just a scan of code or a tap, you can get an app-like experience. If you like, you can always download the complete app later. 

However, this will take the focus away from utility apps that you don't use very often. It means even when it is relatively easy to experience and download apps, it is going to take some effort from developers to get users back to their app.

The Final Thought:

With iOS 14, the next major update, Apple has made a ton of improvements across the board, without any major redesigns, the tech giant has made several adjustments into users' experience and how they interact with their device and apps in general. In particular, the changes in the home screen and the App Clips are likely to have some substantial implications for developers, development companies, and of course, the users. Whereas, for app entrepreneurs, it is time to reconsider their app experience along with their iOS app development company based on the change in how users discover and install apps after iOS 14.

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