5 Useful Apps for Educators and Teachers to Try Out Now

The use of smartphones in a class by students has always been against the rules and regulations in schools. Any student found in the act is accountable for a punishment. However, nowadays, the trend is changing for the better. Students now using smartphones while in class as well as at home for learning, and nobody will question them. All this is due to advanced technology. The technology has made it possible for phones and tablets to be used in classrooms or even at home to improve the learning environment. For such reasons, there are applications meant for educators to pass information to students via mobile phones. 

The applications are used for different purposes, such as improving student’s engagement, making lesson plans, and preparing different subjects for lectures. Apart from the mentioned goals, the apps can be used to create a learning environment outside the classroom. In simple terms, the applications have simplified means of communication between teachers and students, whether in a school or away. Below are some of the best apps by writerformypaper.com that teachers and students can use.


Remind is an application available on both iOS and Android devices. With over 10 million installers, Remind has proven to be competent to teachers when communicating with students and parents who are not in the classroom. Teachers can comfortably reach out to every student privately, create group chats, and pass relevant information anytime. 

The best aspect of the Remind app is that it is available in over 70 languages. This implies that no matter which language the teacher communicates through, it can be translated into the language the recipient understands better. 


ClassDojo is the best application for teachers when they need to communicate about the welfare of the student. The teacher can put comments on the apps, such as working hard, to notify the students of their progress.  Parents can as well view the feedback from teachers. In some cases, the teacher can as well message the parents privately about the welfare and growth of the student. ClassDojo is available on both Android and iOS devices. 

Epic Unlimited Books For Kids

As an elementary teacher, Epic Unlimited Books for Kids is an ultimate solution for you. You do not need to spend cash on buying books to teach your students. Install the app, whether in iOS or Android devices, and make learning more enjoyable. The app has options for video learning with different subject ideas. 


Both educators, students, and teachers, especially in colleges and universities, benefits when using Slack. The app helps to connect students and teachers when away from school and class. It is a messaging app where teachers text the students about any activity or reminders. Get the app on either iOS or Android devices.


As a parent and the student, Seesaw is the best app to analyze the performance of the student. The students use the app to upload their work from time to time, and parents can see the progress of the student. Teachers also benefit from the Seesaw app because they keep records of the student’s strengths and weaknesses. In the end, the teacher can understand each student individually and know where to improve. 


Education is a basic need for every student. Bot teachers and parents strive to see the students improve in their academic performances. Thanks to technology, there are amazing applications that have simplified the entire process. Try the above apps and enhance the learning experience. 

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