Social Events in the Age of Coronavirus: 5 Ways Quantum Immersion Will Create Connection

We’re all feeling it: the strange, nebulous grief that results from the cancelation of so many significant social events due to COVID-19.

The occasions that lend our lives meaning and structure - from graduations to weddings to funerals - suddenly gone.

We’re left wondering, “What will these group gatherings look like in the future?”

How can we adjust our lifestyles to accommodate the potential for recurring outbreaks, while still celebrating special happenings in our lives?

At this historically unprecedented time, Mind Travel Technologies has developed a platform that will restore our capacity to connect.

Welcome to the world of Quantum Immersion.

What Is Quantum Immersion?

The Quantum Immersion platform, a visionary project from the engineers and entrepreneurs at Mind Travel Technologies, allows users to experience virtual presence in an endless variety of locations - from wherever they are.
This means eye quality, 360° immersion for events taking place thousands of miles away.

The Eye, the tool through which anyone can access the Quantum Immersion platform, will help you transcend the limitations of time and space to be with the people you love when it matters most.

Events, Reimagined

It’s a reality we’re all facing each day during quarantine.

Trying to connect with others remotely is hugely challenging.

Phone calls, video chat, and text messages are great, but they just can’t replace the experience of being with someone in-person.

Sharing the same space and the same sensory input.

Reading each other’s body language and nonverbal cues.

Connecting over joint experiences.

Quantum Immersion will bridge this gap, allowing us to remotely connect with the world and each other in ways that we can’t yet comprehend.


So many couples have experienced the heartbreak of canceling long-planned nuptials this year in order to keep friends and family safe.
Imagine if you could include immunocompromised loved ones as remote guests?

Or, if your family members are limited by conflicting schedules and travel restrictions, what if they could experience your wedding ceremony after the fact, whenever it works for their schedule?

And not just a video montage, but a full, immersive experience?

Through customized avatars, your remote wedding guests will sit in their own chairs, take in the proceedings from any vantage point they prefer, interact with other guests, and enjoy the complete experience of your special day.

Virtual Chat Rooms

Meeting people online isn’t easy, but it presents a huge opportunity for relationships that would be otherwise impossible.

Our ideas about online chat rooms are about to change forever.

Show up in an actual room - populated with other individuals that you can meet organically and naturally - and share space and dialogue beyond the bounds of text and screens.

Make friends and connections with people from around the world without a language barrier, thanks to instantaneous, fluid translation.

Enjoy presenting yourself creatively through an avatar that you design and clothe as you like.

Quantum Immersion serves as a portal to the internet as a place - a place where you can see and be seen. A place where you can share and build in the same ways that you can in the ‘real’ world.


Gone are the days of FOMO, missing out on parties due to unavoidable obstacles.

Be a guest from wherever you are at birthdays, holidays, and work parties anywhere in the world.

Happy hours and game nights via video conferencing software are fun, but they get old quick.

The ease of connection just isn’t there, as hard as you try to recreate it; the communication is awkward and stilted, and the technology is often glitchy.

Quantum Immersion will allow you to experience all of the things you love about parties, remotely. The group energy, the subtle jokes, the beautiful settings.

Even while at home, you’ll never miss out on the parties and celebrations you love.

Family Reunions

Maybe you feel like family reunions are a thing of the past.

After all, today’s families are far-flung, juggling different expectations and responsibilities.

Many families have older members who require medical care and supervision.

Or younger members who struggle to thrive away from their normal environments and routines.

Build strong, lasting family connections by utilizing Quantum Immersion for family reunions.

You can enjoy the lifestyle you love without sacrificing your family bonds by enjoying family reunions hosted through this platform.

The sense of disconnect and lack of community that many of us feel at this juncture in time can be changed and healed through the impact of virtual presence.


Our lives are full of important milestones.

Recitals, graduations, awards ceremonies to recognize professional achievements, academic presentations, sports games, and so much more.

Missing out on these milestones - and the recognition and meaning that they represent - is a thing of the past.

You can be there for your friends and family members, and they can be there for you, as you move through significant happenings in your lives.

Reserve a seat at your granddaughter’s ballet recital.

Be there for your nephew’s winning home run.

Enjoy your partner’s conference presentation even though you’re home with the kids.

Be there for the birth of your child even if you’re stuck on the other side of the globe.

Share your accomplishments and achievements with friends and family to enjoy later if their schedule prevents them from being there on time.

The Arts

If you don’t have the time necessary to be as involved in the arts as you would like, imagine if you could cut out travel time, time spent trying to attain sought-after tickets, and the time necessary for the reading and study required to enjoy opera, music, and drama.

Suddenly involvement in the arts seems a lot more possible.

You can enjoy the best the arts can offer from the comfort of your home with Quantum Immersion.

Instantly access the information, translations, and reference points you need to fully enjoy the experience throughout the performance - even pausing, rewinding, or slowing down the experience as necessary!

Make artistic performances fit your schedule by accessing the full experience after-the-fact.

Enjoy your favorite segments through Quantum Immersion’s instant replay function.

Keep up with your peers and stay on the cutting edge of culture even if you’re home with a baby or tied to a challenging career.

Quantum Immersion means enjoying the best that life has to offer without compromise. No matter the circumstances - pandemic or not - you can be there for the events that matter.

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