Hands-on Review of Lanmodo Car Night Vision Camera

Lanmodo car night vision is truly one of the most impressive innovations I have ever came across in the field of automotive technology. Its night vision ability gives you a clear vision of the road in the night just as it is in a day. I often drive at night and I feel like driving at night is more vigilant as compare to the daytime. Most of the drivers too feel that driving in dim light can be a very tedious job and that’s the reason, you require a night vision camera. It can really help you to avoid any kind of misshapen and ensures safety while you drive.

Unboxing Lanmodo Car Night Vision Camera

The night vision camera I tested is the series of Vast, so I will use Lanmodo Vast in my writing. After receiving the parcel, I was very impressed by its sturdy packaging. The link to the night vision was mentioned on the top so that you can easily visit website and know more about it. You will also get an instruction manual inside with nice color instructions making it easier to read and understand.

The accessories first include a non-slippery mat for connection purpose. Then there’s a high-quality attachment that goes into the dashboard very easily. Again inside, you will get another box in which a suction cup, power cable, main cable and connectors which are nicely packed together.

They have thoughtfully included small screwdriver along with the kit for your convenience while assembling. This screwdriver is reversible, with one side as Philips head and other end as a flat head. Next, you will find the actual unit with top film and a neatly mounted camera on its backside. The camera provides 1080P high-resolution image. The rearview camera is waterproof and is made up of durable exteriors to give 720P resolution image. There’s a small button provided on night vision system which helps you to change the front/back view.

My Testing Experience with Lanmodo Vast Car Night Vision

The installation is a piece of cake. First, fix the night vision camera onto the non-slip mat, then attach the mat to the dashboard, then connect night vision system to cigarette lighter or OBD adapter with its cable, done! There’s no need of manual turning on/off of the system as it automatically starts when the car is on. Adding to its efficiency, the screen gives you a much wider image of the street. Also, the images are colorful and of high-resolution.

During my first ride without headlights on, the view was clear with ambient natural light. But when I turned on the headlights, the view was much more amazing and gave a much brighter perception. It gives you much more clarity than the view seen by human eye. 

While driving, you can definitely see clear street image exactly as it is, without even street lights. The vision distance is 300m which helps you to drive safely. You can easily see, a hill coming or any road sign, a pedestrian or any animal nearby the road. 

All in all, the Lanmodo Vast Night Vision Camera seems to be just as advertised, providing exceptional features and topnotch performance. It doesn’t seem to make any false claims, but rather functions just as expected. I am not good at video recording, so I searched a real test video for YouTube to make you have a fully understand about Lanmodo Vast.

Recommend or Not?

Lanmodo night vision camera has facilitated all its users with a gadget that helps them to see anything very well as they see it in daylight. It is very important for safety also, as it can avoid many accidents caused due to poor vision especially in the night. It makes the view perception much better and driver can see the road even in darkness or in any bad weather conditions such as snow or rains. 

This simple concept ensures that you are always ready to go for a smooth night ride. It’s not just smart but actually got some really cool looks too. It’s also the most reliable way to take your loved ones out on a long trip by ensuring that you drive more efficiently and safely. It acts as a great assistance for the people who love to travel in night. This is definitely one of the smartest devices you have ever installed in your car. Currently, Lanmodo provides $100 off with code: LMDNVS_TCB on the night vision camera, worldwide free shipping. I strongly recommend it to the people always drive at night or unfriendly road situation.

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