How to Play Nintendo GameCube Games on Computer?

Nintendo GameCube was one of the best consoles ever made, especially as it came out in a time when games were just gaining popularity. Even if you do not have the console anymore, you can still revisit some of those beautiful releases these days. Sure, some of them are available over Wii U, but you can also learn how to play Nintendo GameCube games on your PC computer. So, what is the best way to do it?

Using an Emulator

Emulators were originally used to crack games – the illegal way, of course. These days, they are also used to bring back old games for nostalgic players. An emulator is essential when in need of a classic game on a more modern platform.

While there are certainly a few options out there, one of them stands out in the crowd. Dolphin has been specifically created to run Nintendo GameCube games, so it obviously works better than other alternatives.

You can also connect your controller if you want and play classic games on your computer the old school way. You will, however, require a specific USB adapter for it. Also, make sure you double-check the system requirements of Dolphin. Old computers may not be able to support it properly.

The installation is fairly simple – the classic way. Head over to Dolphin's website, download the install files, run the wizard and click next and yes a few times. Load it up and it is ready to go. There is one more thing to do – getting some games.

Getting Games

At this point, your options are more diversified. You need to find an abandon ware portal. There are plenty of them, but you do not want to take any chances. Instead, find a trustworthy option. At this point, Gamulator is your most reliable solution – all the classic games you can think of.

Once you find the games you want to retry, download them and install them into the emulator's specific folder. All the games there are compatible with Dolphin, so there is nothing to worry about from this point of view.

You will also be surprised by the quality standards. Those old fashioned games can now be played on a massive screen at 1080p resolutions – a completely different experience. You can also make some ROMs by yourself if you have some GameCubs CDs.

Running Games

Once you have everything ready, it is time to try your new games. What are the steps?

  • Launch Dolphin, either through the start menu or by navigating to it.
  • You might see a list of games or an option saying that Dolphin could not find any ISOs.
  • If you see this error, click on it and go to the folder containing the ROMs you have just downloaded. Choose to select the folder and that will become the default folder for ROMs.
  • If you download games in Dolphin's specific folder, you should not get that error.
  • Adjust the graphics settings, as well as the controller for a better experience.
  • If you want to change the settings for a game, right click on it and go to its properties.
  • Run the game and enjoy it.

As a short final conclusion, learning how to play Nintendo GameCube games on computer is not impossible. There are a few good options out there, but some of them stand out in the crowd – whether you count the actual emulator or the source for classic games.

These days, you have a bit of extra variety in your games. You can plug in some controllers, but you can also adjust settings and play old school games in superb resolutions – a completely new experience.​

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