How to Create a Personal Website while You're Student?

At some point in life, every college going student will need a website whether it is for personal, business, or educational reasons. It is recommendable for a student to look into getting a website even before a reason comes up because it will save them time and leave them prepared. Students need a personal website for the following reasons:

  • It is a good central place to store all your information for any online use
  • The website can serve as a good visual resume for jobs and internship
  • The is a way to create you as a brand
  • It will give  you prior knowledge and experience to excel in a website building school project

Choose a Unique Domain Name

A domain name is a basic requirement when you are thinking about creating a website. It is advisable to think through several names before registration because the domain name introduces you. Good first impressions are vital especially for a student who is eying a good job in the future. 

A common domain name might be similar to that of another person and might bring problems to your brand. If you have difficulties you can seek help from as they have professional’s designers to do it for you. Soft wares and apps that generate names use your suggestions and this makes your domain even more unique. You should keep in mind the following:

  • Your domain should be memorable
  • It should be searchable when goggled
  • The domain should be short and precise
  • It should be easy to pronounce and spell
  • Use keywords and leave space for future expansion

Choose your Platform

A platform acts as a foundation for designing your website and might determine how successful it is. Platforms have coding that you as a student might never understand that is why it is advisable to use the ones that have systems that make them easier to use. The content management systems allow you to do only the simplest tasks like updating your websites. 

Students should look for platforms that are free like the ones below because they are pocket friendly. Research, references, and recommendations are also crucial at this stage. Professionals who can write a thesis on can help do your assignments as you concentrate on coming up with your website. The most commonly used platforms include:

  • WordPress is used by many because it is simple to join and operate. It is as easy as a social media site allowing uploading of images typing and editing in a nontechnical way
  • Wix is amazing for personal websites because it is user friendly and allows customization and personalization (more details on this Wix review)
  • Jimdo is template based making giving you examples and making  your work easier
  • If you are looking for a well designed personal website then Weebly is the place to be because they are all about a good looking site. 

Get Hosting

Students normally live on a budget that is why they should look for free hosting for their websites. Most of the website platforms also offer hosting services. A web host is important because it allows you to post your website on the internet, thus, you should choose the right web hosting for your website. For a beginner, the term might but with time they understand after seeing the benefits. The host is vital because it publishes you and makes you searchable on the internet. 

A simple key-in of your domain name by anyone makes your website discoverable. Some of the best web hosting sites include WordPress, Bluehost, and Dreamhost. There are several factors to consider before arriving on a suitable hosting platform to build a website whether free or not.

  • What you want to achieve with your website whether blogging or business. Chose a host that helps you achieve your needs
  • Do some research and read reviews on the host to determine the security, management support, and payment policies if any exist.
  • The reputation of the web host is crucial that is why references are a good way to choice
  • Other factor includes malware protection, bonuses, refunds, phone support, and incorporation of Goggle tools.

Install WP Theme on your Website

WordPress themes and templates are beneficial especially for beginners. The themes are widely used and universally accepted as some of the best for making your own website. The advantages come with the diversification with the availability of themes for the different markets and categories of people. The themes beautify your web site and make it visually appealing. They also allow readability of your content and can get you the job of your dreams if it an employer going through your website. 

The perfect WordPress theme represents who you are and markets you. Consider carrying out some research before landing on a theme to come up with the best. If you are serious about selling you as a brand through your website you should consider going premium. The advanced option provides unique and high-quality themes for you. Most of the free themes are also very reliable, especially for a beginner.

Make the Final Touches

After doing all the important parts of creating a website it is time to make the final touches to beautify your site. The things mentioned below determine the level of uniqueness of your website and sets you apart from the rest. It is advisable at this point to make a checklist for everything and cancel all the requirements that have been included. Personal websites are your brand and focus on updating it and making it look better.

  • Customize your website design by first researching the latest trends in web designs and incorporating them. People pay good money to get websites designed thou should clap yourself for getting to this stage. A unique website design sets you apart and makes you employable. Consider the format, font, themes, structure, purpose, strategy and constantly improving it.
  • Make sure you can be found! Because it is the ultimate goal for every website. It will defeat the purpose of all the work if you are not discoverable. Before unpacking on this project as a student you should find out more about search engines and hosts that will help you get onto the internet and social media sites.
  • Create categories, add some posts because it is the only way you will know if the website is working. Start using it and learn more as you go. They say experience is the best teacher and that applies here. While you are experimenting with the new project Essaykitchen will provide quality content to help you keep up with studies.
  • Finally, you should show it to your friends, they would love it and might what to create their own. They can also advise you on how best to run it if they have more experience. Consulting is the only way you will know you are doing the right thing.

Conclusively, in the world current of technology, every student needs to prepare their future with a personal website. The site can be a good online resume that can help you get a job. You can also keep all the information on the internet of the website so that you can use them at any time.  Since the future of job hunting depends on this and many other technologies you need to prepare. Having a personal website before completing school gives you an upper hand in the market to your fellow students. Remember to seek help for your schoolwork so that you don’t lag behind. 

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