Looking into the Oracle – The Future of a Technologically Advanced Society

Since the dawn of mankind, human beings have been trying to redefine what had previously been perceived to be possible by their ancestors, challenge the status quo of the universe, seek ways of improving their lives using the available resources around them. In modern times this process is ever-accelerating, providing more and more possibilities in this endeavor. Our society is continuously progressing on the stairs of evolution, reaching higher and higher in every possible manner. Looking into the future, novel inventions reminiscent of science fiction will become more and more common as these technological advances will show exponential growth. 

One major component of the modern world is artificial intelligence. Although calling for caution when implementing, the possibilities of machine learning are rather compelling with innovative solutions in every industrial sector from basic data processing through healthcare to even art. It is rather simple to foresee this technology to be present all over the world, including not only professional applications, but more casual scenarios as well – most households will enjoy the benefits of this technology. Even in present days, AI has its own worldwide presence that will become more and more prominent in the future, aiding humanity in making further developments. Creative people from all over the world are being inspired by this novelty and the possible applications it promises. Not surprisingly, the number of startups in the field is growing by the day with different innovative solutions to problems that humanity faces. 

Another rapidly progressing sector is health. Researchers are finding new methods of treating diseases, inventing new therapies, developing a deeper understanding of the human body itself down to the cellular level – providing more and more precise information on health-related concerns. Even non-professionals are gaining interest in living a healthier lifestyle: nutrition, exercising, supplementation, and health, in general, have become common topics of everyday communication. 

These advances in the field will result in an increased average healthy lifespan, making it possible for humans to stay younger and healthier for a longer period of their lives, providing an improvement in human existence itself. Not only practices that have been developed earlier are being updated and refined – representing development – there are novel ideas in the field which are being made possible only by modern technology. There is a rather magnificent synergy between machines and humans that is emerging. People will not need to use their imaginations in order to taste science fiction – they will just have to experience the world around them. 

The intention of synthesizing modern technology with biology reaches far back in the history of mankind. Humans have realized that it is possible to fortify the human body with the help of technology. As basic applications as the use of telescopes to overcome the limitations of eyesight and fillings in teeth providing a healthier oral environment are representative examples of the numerous inventions of earlier innovators. 

Nowadays, ideas such as mechanical hearts, limbs, exoskeletons are gaining popularity for a good reason because these technologies represent major upgrades to the human body. The desire to become masters of our environment through the mind is a deep, fundamental human trait, it is not surprising that mankind will become a multi-planetary species one day, reaching for the stars – just to give an example. 

In the context of the human body, the possibilities hidden in modern technology are particularly astonishing with innovations in nanotechnology, also, inventions built upon brainwaves with the intention of connecting the human mind with computers – just to name a few of the many different solutions. The connection between machines and humans will become deeper and deeper in the future, promising a whole new society in which these two will experience synergy, allowing for further developments in all areas of life. 

This field caught the attention of Martin Vincze, a 25-year-old visionary from Hungary [also, the author of this article]. His plan is to enter the global market with an AI-based technology focusing on longevity, backed by scientific research studies and manifested in a machine learning environment. Although the project is currently in a rather abstract stage, an emerging invention in such a promising area is worth acknowledgment. 

There is a crowdsourcing campaign being run at the moment with the intention of raising capital for patenting the idea, then following through with the proceeding steps of building a working prototype, finding investors for further development, accounting, legal fees and so on. The ultimate goal is to provide the world a novel piece of technology available for as many people as possible, promoting longevity in the form of a high-tech invention. 

If the idea resonates with someone reading the article, they might be interested in visiting the official page of the fundraiser and contribute if the campaign is perceived to be relevant. Sharing it on social media and making other people aware of the act also matters significantly, nobody should feel discouraged if they have no actual financial interest. At this stage any support – even those appearing to be meaningless – has its own merit. Everyone is welcome to visit the official website of the campaign for further details, and perhaps, making contributions of some kind, depending on their available resources.

The strive for improvement is a continuous process running at the deepest level imaginable – nowadays it is possible for anyone to become part of it. 

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