How to Send/Receive a Fax Online From Your PC? - Free Fax To Email

The world has gone through some drastic changes in the past few years. Everything and every area of life is being advanced. Old techniques and methods are being replaced by new and recent ones. But despite all these changes, the old communication way of faxing has managed to stay still and is still in use due to the ultimate security that it provides.
In the past days, faxing was one of the mainstream techniques used for official communications. People trusted only faxes for transferring their important documents. in fact, it was the only way they trusted. But later on, when new inventions advanced, faxing went to the shadows a little bit. People started shifting towards more advanced ways of communication like emails.
But soon it became clear that no other communication means could provide the security advantages that faxing incorporates. People wanted to use faxing due to its top-line securities. But the requirements like huge faxing machines kept them away. Moreover, the maintenance of things like paper, toner, and ink, etc. was a hard task. This is why people refrained from using faxes.

Email Faxing – A Betterment in the Faxing World

Email faxing is one of the recent ways that today’s people use for faxing. Because of its best quality features, it is being used by innumerable people as well as multinational firms to carry out their official communications.
If you have a little tech know-how, then you might as well know that emails operate through a digitally powered platform, internet. While in the case of faxing, faxes are sent and received through the help of phone lines that operate through analog signals. So how actually does all this email faxing happen?
It was only made possible through the use of an intermediary fax service that serves as a translation medium between faxing and emails and helps both of them understand each other. This way the gap between them is bridged and the task of faxing through email is carried out.

CocoFax – Fax Through Email Without Any Difficulty

Presenting to you – CocoFax, the most trusted and used online fax service in the entire world. CocoFax allows free fax online. With the client base of millions, CocoFax is used all over the world due to the superb faxing features that it provides.
It's not like only the people are fond of it, CocoFax is also liked and praised for its unique works by some of the biggest media firms of the world like the New York Times, Forbes and PCMag. This certainly makes CocoFax the best without any doubt.
CocoFax offers you to use its unique services on any of the devices you like as it works on a variety of devices. You can fax through your email using your laptop, PC, tablet and mobile phones as well. This unique feature is rare to find in any fax service and hence it is what makes CocoFax one of its kind.
CocoFax has taken care of every aspect and hence provides the best faxing experience. For the convenience and ease of its users, CocoFax has incorporated a 30-day free trial which ensures that you use the services of CocoFax completely free for a month. Through this free month, users get an opportunity to know CocoFax well which later on helps them to pick a suitable subscription plan for themselves.
Moreover, the security that CocoFax provides is the best of all. This article tells you all you need to know about this amazing fax service. Unlike many other fax services, CocoFax does what it says and provides best customer care for its customers. The majority of the fax services out there turn out to be scams and hence steal your data. There is hardly any left to trust. But CocoFax is not at all like others. None of your data is at risk with CocoFax, you get full-fledged security.

CocoFax’s Email to Fax Feature – How To Use it?

This amazing email to fax feature of CocoFax is extremely easy to use. Once you know all the procedures, there will be no more need for any manual further on. The steps are simple and easy to understand. Here we have explained all in detail.
Step 1: When you are thinking of faxing with the use of CocoFax, you must first register with it. Without signing-up, you won’t be able to use any of its wonderful features. And signing-up with CocoFax is not difficult at all.
Just visit the official CocoFax site form any of your internet browsers that you have already installed on your PC. There you will find the option of a 30-day free trial. Click on it and the registration process will start. First, you will be given the offer to pick a fax number because it is the must-have for faxing. Yeah, I know what you’re thinking but no, there are no additional costs for picking a fax number for yourself.
Step 2: The second step will be to enter the email ID of the account that you want to use for faxing purposes. Make sure that the email address you entered is valid and active because it is the place where you will be sending and receiving all of your faxes.
Step 3: Once you have picked your fax number and completed the sign-up process, you can now proceed with creating a new fax. For this purpose, you need to open your email account, whichever client you may use. Click on the button of the new mail.
In the new popped-up window, write up the fax address of the person intended to get the fax in the field of ‘To’. This fax address is actually a combination of the fax number of the other person which is then followed by ‘’.
In the subject field, you can write the note that you want to have at the top of your fax when it is received by the intended person. If you want to have something on the very first page of your fax file, then you can write it in the email body.
Your actual fax file will come as an attachment. After checking everything, you can press the send button. CocoFax has this unique feature of notifying you about the status of your fax delivery, either successful or not.
Receiving faxes
In the same manner, as you receive your other regular emails on your email account, you will receive all your faxes on your email too in case that you have registered your email account with CocoFax.
You don’t need to be logged in all the time. Whenever you sign-up, you will find all your faxes in the inbox tab.


As it is all clear, CocoFax is the only fax service that has made the task of email faxing easy as well as convenient. Hence, if you were looking for a similar way, then CocoFax is the one for you.

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