Adapting to Remote Work With Rivers - Coronavirus Crisis

The outbreak of pandemic Novel Coronavirus has created a huge mess all over the world. It has everyone in its clutches one way or another.

Do you think it is coming to an end soon? Hopefully, it does. But, WHO has warned people that it is going to be with us still for quite a while.

To keep yourselves and your loved ones safe is the responsibility all of us have to carry on very carefully.

Safety comes first, and that's why governments are working on the "Stay Home Stay Safe" formula. Social distancing is the only thing that can save humans on earth at this moment.

But do you think that is quite enough for all of us? Surely not. The world's economy is in the worst situation because of this outbreak.

The only way forward for businesses and institutions is "Remote Work" to minimize the negative effects of this outbreak.
Many workers in different industries don't have options to work remotely, but, if you are lucky and can manage your work remotely, you should quickly adapt and start working online remotely.

There are many remote collaboration/work platforms that you can take advantage of to manage various aspects of remote work.

I want to introduce you to a remote platform that will help you with one of the most critical aspects of remote work.

Communication, working together, and real-time remote collaboration are some of the essential aspects while you work from home, Rivers is a mobile-first, all-in-one remote collaboration platform. The platform has multiple use cases based on different industry segments, and the kind of work one does.

Rivers - Create CUBES, Connect and Work

Rivers is an award-winning all in one collaboration platform that has made it quite easy for the users to connect in private and safe CUBES. Rivers- all-in-one collaboration platform has emerged as a very useful platform which is the need of the hour for almost every professional worker forced to work remotely due to this crisis.

Anyone can easily use this platform for organizing different activities and information in different Channels and Topics.

Rivers is has been very intricately crafted as a social collaboration platform that can be effortlessly used by offices, schools, and agencies as well.

One can easily create their community on Rivers and can start working in a collaborative environment right away.

Working on Rivers is quite simple. You can send an invite link to the members of your private CUBE to create a fully moderated community on Rivers.

Right from having easy to use interface, built-in collaboration and productivity tools, there are a lot more things that have made this tool quite popular among businesses and institutions globally.

Features Showdown

Rivers has been designed to help remote teams connect in Private and Safe Cubes, and Work more Effectively. Rivers is a mobile-first collaboration platform and is also available as a web client and on desktops.

Create cubes, connect and work

Starting on Rivers is simple and fast. Just install and create a CUBE. CUBE is an equivalent to your Shared Digital Workplace, similar to your Office Building, School, Classroom, Hospital or Clinic.

Utilize collaboration features like Topics, Channels, Shared Media, Documents and Task Management to have controlled, private, safe, and organized activities and conversations on Rivers.

Built with Remote Teams in mind

You can create your community by adding up to 10,000 people in each Cube. Easily organize conversations at Department, Subject or Project level etc. by utilizing Topics and Channels.

Private and Safe

Rivers offers a very safe platform for remote workers. What's unique is that you can easily collaborate on Rivers without sharing phone numbers. You can decide to keep it private or public based on your requirements.

Start in Less than 60 Seconds

A simple yet powerful user interface means you can start on Rivers in seconds using your mobile and without needing to know someone's emails.

Integrated Task Management

Task management is very easy on Rivers. One can easily assign tasks to anyone in the CUBE and can set priorities, time tracking, comments, and attachments to keep track of everything.

Guest invitation

Inviting unlimited guests is another wonderful option Rivers offers you to have. The setup is quite helpful as we can take the help of advisors, contract workers, and outside clients here as well.

Other features

Along with having so many other features, unparalleled control, cloud-based access, message delivery information, profile information, and the facility of making audio and video calls (in Beta) are some other very useful features that Rivers offer to its users.

Also, to support impacted business owners and their teams during this crisis, Rivers is available with all its premium features without any charge for the next three months (at least for Q2-2020).

I hope you are excited to use Rivers for your organization or project. You can get it from here Get Rivers.

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