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Every day, people are exposed to a sea of information on social media. It's easy to feel like drowning in all the content; most of us no longer have the time or energy to commit to reading lots of long posts on the daily commute. In this age of information overload, pictures truly are worth a thousand words, and in order to stand out and catch people's attention, you should be able to create good visual content for your brand. While professional and aesthetically pleasing posts look difficult to create, it's now easier than ever to make them with some helpful design tips from LogoAI - a logo maker that can also help you create smart social media designs.
Do take note that while these tips from are generally applicable to all social media post designs, make absolutely sure that you take note of the dimensions, sizes, and resolutions of pictures in your chosen platform. Using the wrong size will result in posts that are cropped or blurred, and will make it less likely for people to view them.

Using free social media template from
While pictures and graphic elements are important, they must compliment your content. The key is to help your audience and your followers by condensing information for them and presenting it in a way that is easier to digest and at the same time, not losing your message.
Using good design as well as infographics, diagrams or illustrations addition to draw attention to long text posts and communicate complex content is an effective social media content strategy that makes your stories relatable and easy to share.
When creating visual content, it is essential to make sure that it is easy to read and understand. Simplicity is key and less is more. You can begin with a good font choice, and if you decide to use only text in your image, check that you use the right font color or picture. Take care that the words pop and don't blend in with the background, also use a proper color combination so it looks aesthetically pleasing.
    A good example of color combination          A bad-looking color scheme
Finally, your posts must encourage your followers and your audience to take action. A good massage combined with a great visual design is the perfect way to stand out and make content that could potentially go viral in social media. Using hashtags is also an effective means to follow trends to drive more views towards your posts, so don't forget to check the latest popular topics on your chosen social media platform. However, you must take care not to overload your post with too much text or data – remember that the key is to simplify and entertain, not overwhelm, your audience.
There is a lot to think of when creating visual content for social media to drive traffic towards your brand, but LogoAI makes the whole process far easier and more convenient with professional photos, images, and templates at the ready for your use. With just a few clicks, you can easily create engaging designs for your social media posts using LogoAI's platform and design guides.

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