How to Make a Hoverboard With Magnets? - Step by Step Guide

Do you want to make a magnetic hoverboard? But how to make the hoverboard with the magnets, is it really possible? This guide will illustrate this complex question in a simple way.

If the question is can you make a hoverboard at your home?  The answer is really very simple and it is yes, it is possible to make the hoverboard at home.

This hoverboard is a usual hoverboard that has wheels. These wheels are supplied with power from a source. Usually, this source is the battery. The tradition is to use a rechargeable battery so that you can use your hoverboard again and again with the same settings and equipment.

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Now let’s move towards a slightly different version and the question is, can we make a magnetic hoverboard at home?

To answer this question, it is important to understand the mechanism of the magnetic hoverboard before answering this question. Without taking your time, I would like to tell you that yes it is possible that one can make the hoverboard which can be operated through magnets. This is so simple that you can even make it at your home.

Two Types of Hoverboards

There are two types of hoverboards, one that really exists in our common daily life and actually floats on the wheels۔ The second one is the board of the future۔ We will see it in the future. Some conceptual models of these types of hoverboards are out in the market. But these are not for sale at the moment.

These hoverboards are like the traditional hoverboard but the difference is that they will float in the air and will not touch any surface۔ The magnetic hoverboard we are talking about will be of something like an actual hoverboard that actually hovers۔ If you want to know more about the magnetic hoverboard visit here-

It is really very important that you should understand the operational logic of the magnetic hoverboard.

Operational logic of a magnetic hoverboard-

Play With Magnetic Powers

The same charges repel each other and opposite charges will attract each other. Your hoverboard will not touch the ground If the magnet fitted under its surface and the magnet fitted in the surface on which it is standing is of the same charge.  The same charged surfaces will repel each other and in this way, you can easily float on the hoverboard on which you are riding.

Magnetic HoverBoard With Wheels

We can use the magnet for making another type of hoverboard too. This is our board which will float on the ground with the help of the wheels.  In this type of hoverboard, the number of wheels Depends on your design.

Now there are two ways to fit the magnet under your hoverboard.  The first one is that you fit the magnet with an iron wheel. The wheel will be attracted towards the magnet, the magnet will be attached with an external battery source. This is not necessary that it is completely made of iron. Small Iron particles can be embedded on it so that these particles will be attracted towards the magnet.

Secondly, we can even use the coil which can generate the magnetic field once connected with the power source. If you can change the direction of the current the magnetic field created will also be changed. The great news is that you can control the direction of your hoverboard while moving forward or backward.

Half Cycle Motor

The principle we are using here to drive the hoverboard is based on the principle of the half-cycle motor. Once it will be attracted or repelled by the magnet it will revolve into half circle due to repulsion or attraction of the magnet. The next half cycle will be done due to inertia and the tire will be again on the position from where the tire will receive repulsive or attractive pull.

Step by Step Guide of making a hoverboard-

Now we will look at the step-by-step guide that how we can make a hoverboard that can be operated through magnets:
     Take a board of appropriate size that you want to turn into and hoverboard later.

      Make a place for the battery to fit in that particular hoverboard  that really hovers.

     Make the holes in the hoverboard to fit in the wheels.

      Put the wheels in the hoverboard in a set of 2. Each set will contain three wheels.

      Place the magnetic coil with the wheels in the hoverboard. These magnetic coils will be attached to the battery and will work to create magnetic fields. This magnetic field will create a magnetic pull or push. Depending on the direction of charge flow and the charge created on both ends of it.

     Then prepares a place for the battery to be fit in. The battery must be a rechargeable battery so that you can use your board again and again.

     Make sure that the battery is of the appropriate power so can support the hoverboard.

     Attach a magnetic strip at the side of the wheel. You can easily find adhesive magnetic strips online and offline.

      Once the current will pass through the magnetic coil the magnetic field will be produced. If you can adjust the directions of the current flow then you can easily control the direction of the hoverboard too. The same charge will repel each other and the opposite charges will attract each other.

How to control the direction movement?

By producing the same charge on the tire attached strip and on the coil the hoverboard will move backward. If you produce the opposite charges on the tire and the strip the hoverboard will move in the forward direction.


These magnetic hoverboards are under process till now but as the science is progressing. No doubt the world will witness the passionate hoverboard lovers actually hovering around. Until Then Don't Lose Hope One Day Your Passion Will Buy You Victory!

Disclaimer: This is a conceptual article written to illustrate how the magnetic hoverboard can be made. If you want to make one, you can try it but do the proper research and take the help of experts. Neither the writer nor the website will have any responsibility in case of any damage will be done.

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