5 Tools to Improve Your Copywriting Skills

In the physical world, we have salesmen who reach out to the customers and convince them to buy the products. The activity of sales is not confined to the physical world; rather, it is being carried out successfully in the virtual world too. Have you ever imagined how advertisements are promoted through different platforms to influence the customers? Well, this exactly where the art and science of writing copy come into the play. We call this copywriting, where the words are spread through ads, web pages and promotional materials that sell the products and services and influence the prospective customers to respond accordingly.

Digital marketing is a wide horizon comprising of different elements like content marketing, design, SEO and growth hacking, but copywriting is the tool that binds all of these together. The design becomes meaningful only with a copy which is the core foundation for content marketing, SEO and growth hacking. Writing a constructive copy will enable in transforming more readers into customers.

If you can leverage your skills to create an impelling narrative for convincing the customers for the need for your product, then there is no frontier to the expansion for your business. However, if you are stuck with the generic style of writing ads, blogs, and emails, you will find it struggling in your entrepreneurial career to sell a single product.

Luckily, there are various tools available that can boost both your writing quality and strategy. You can engage in more traffic from the readers and Google drives better results. Here are the top five copywriting tools that can improve your copywriting skills swiftly.

1. Grammarly

Most often than not, you will find yourself committing silly grammatical errors in your copy. This can be an embarrassing part when a watchful reader detects it. These grammar mistakes are generic, and when you are churning a variety of content in writing projects for social media to blog posts, it becomes challenging to have an eye on everything. Grammarly is a free writing assistant that will proofread stuff like emails, posts, brand guidelines and make sure that it has a flawless writeup free from all sorts of grammatical errors.

Grammarly can be conveniently operated in Gmail and Google Docs, and it has a compatible version for MS Office as well. It offers an extension in the Chrome browser, which has a simple and instinctive interface. Just copy and paste your document into the box and let Grammarly analyze the grammar, clarity and readability. Tinker with the goals of your content and fine-tune all the analysis. You can even change the settings to ensure that your writing suggestions are customized with your desired needs and content objectives. 

2. Hemingway Editor

The Hemingway Editor is an excellent app that tends to reduce the wordiness that emerges in writing. Most importantly, online readers won’t devote much time to read and get an impression; instead, you have to draw their attention forcefully. The text editor counts the readability based on the appearance of passive voice, adverbs, complicated sentences etc. It spots the words that should be omitted or sentences that can be made more explicit by splitting up, shortening or otherwise revising. Pruning the copy down to the essentials will command the attention of your readers and make your message straightforward.

3. Diffchecker

It isn't very easy to track all the alterations you have included in your copy, especially when you are indulged with various contents. A single content goes through multiple changes before the final version is published. With Diffchecker, you get a streamlined platform which quickly surfaces all those alterations. Simply copy and paste the content in the original text box and follow the same approach for the next version of the changed text box. Now you can highlight the changes or differences side by side. Besides generating a text-based analysis, Diffchecker provides the option for uploading image files and PDF. For the scope of content, it is a precious tool and users can also download its desktop version for better functionality.

4. Unsuck It

If you are dealing with the technical field and finding it difficult to split the cryptic business jargon into writing, then this app is the right solution. Simple writing helps your viewers to read and discern the meaning of your content easily, and Unsuck It helps you to do exactly the same. You need to enter the jargon in the box and Unsuck It will immediately get into the action of either defining the jargon or providing a suitable synonym. Moreover, it drops a better idea about the phrases and translates them into the best possible substitute.

5. Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is a Wordpress plugin that helps in improving both the SEO and readability. This tool lets you set your target keyword, enter the page slug and meta description. Finally, it estimates every angle on the page and informs you all the details on how the post is holding up. It considers the quality of your text, how often you are putting the keywords, your headline, alt tag images, inbound links, outbound links, images and many others. That’s not all; it will further emphasize how well you are doing and where is the scope of improvement. 

Many people using Yoast SEO tend to ignore its readability tab. It is in this tab where this tool points out grammatical errors, sentences that are hard to read, written in the passive voice and texts that required to be broken down. This helps you to optimize the posts and elevate the SEO score.

These copywriting tools will improve the quality of your writing and make it relatively easier to shape the content and copy that will drag the audience and let them respond in your blogs and advertising campaigns.

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