Linux Distro: 5 Best Linux Distributions for Beginners and Advanced Users

best linux distros

If you are heading towards a journey of professional coder then you must have been buzzed with this Linux thing, at least for once. Have you ever been into the details of this Linux distro thing? Well, if not then take a chill pill because we are here to guide you about the best Linux distributions. For your better understanding, first acknowledge that the Linux is typically an operating system, particularly designed for the coders as well as for programmers.

So, if you are in a future rising start of the programming or coding industry then this piece of information is not less than a complimentary food of your favorite restaurant- free of cost and worthy enough to enjoy. Anyways, there are many professionals and experts who have invested their possessed skills by ensuring to make Linux more interesting for common consumers. For this, the professionals have worked at their best and came up with many kinds of variants of Linux OS.

Particularly in technical terms, it is said that the Linux has some diverse flavors which are termed as ‘distros’ and each distro is comprised of different characteristics. For instance, there are some highly technical distros such as the one- distros for gaming, for programming and as well as for the lightweight distros particularly for the systems which are not much contemporary.

Well, we know that you might have been receiving vibes like merry-go-round because it sounds like all round and round and round. Don’t worry, we could make it easier for you. If you have an interest and want to get your hands on this amazing Linux thing then it's fine, we could assist you. 

Here, we will be sharing some of the best Linux distros for beginners.

Elementary OS

Oh well, this one type of Linux might not look very attractive to you but at last, if you are a beginner and want to polish your skills on Linux then this would eventually worth to go for. The Elementary OS comprises several custom applications which might include the features of Video, Sound system, Photos, Terminal, Calendar, and Terminal. There is still one more surprise left to get the reveal. This one Linux distro contains a custom desktop environment which is technically known as pantheon so, if you are the diehard user of macOS then you are surely going to celebrate this facility. Also, you do not have to spend hours and hours while waiting for it to operate because this distro is relatively light quite stable which allows it to operate speedily on almost everything

Linux Mint

Just like its title, this one flavor of Linux is very convenient and easy to go. If you are a Windows user then switching on this would not less than an instinctive decision for you. From installation to the user experience each and everything is convenient enough. Although, just like other types of Linux distributions, these Linux mint distros contain exclusive plugins particularly of third-party browsers along with the facilities of Java, media, codecs and much more. There are several different desktop versions of Mint which might include Cinnamon, Xfce, and MATE. Well, you must be thinking that what this Cinnamon thing has to do in a technical system, just hold down! This one feature is one of the most contemporary elements which has all the modern time facilities to provide to its user.


The way its pronunciation gives a refreshing vibe similarly, this distro itself is not less amazing. Would you like to know why this one is particularly named as peppermint? Well, this is only because of its light version. You must be wondering that apart from its name, what specialty this one distro have?  The one thing which makes it unique and exceptional is its environment of the desktop which is a type of a hybrid of LXDE and Xfce, it looks like a windows UI, so it’s not less than a great opportunity for the ones who aim to switch from windows. By the way, there is one more exceptionality that is still left to be discussed. Do you want us to reveal that one too? If yes, then here we go!  Peppermint has this capability to get assimilated with the web apps, via its Ice applications.

Manjaro Linux

Well, you might have come across this one as Manjaro is being too popular in the tech industry. Without any doubt, we could state that the Manjaro is leading the position because of its quick speed and user-friendly features. And oh, how could we miss that pre-installed characteristic and OS distributions. The highlight of Manjaro Linux distro is its fantastic hardware support, by the way, let’s say a big thanks to the hardware detection manager with which the users do not have to stress out about the process of installation and for its additional drivers. Just in case, if you think that you are in trouble and need professional support then first, take a deep breath and let’s again praise this system because Manjaro even has its community which stands at the verge to assist users.  


Unlike other flavors of the Linux distributions, Solus is the most demanding one for many, and of course due to some good reasons. This one is not only based on complete modern features but, also has beautiful characteristics. If you want to take an easy start then our preference for you would definitely for this one distro. In Solus, all of the features are developed with the in-house facility and also it comes in 3 different variations. From the complete Budgie version to the more acquainted Gnome edition and yes, the availability of lightweight MATE is also available for you. So, the choice is yours.

Are you ready to start practicing skills and to polish your commands into more professionalism? If yes, then start working on any of the suggested Linux distros. You are just one attempt away from being ordinary to professional.

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