Zoho Projects - The Best Project Management Tool Review

Zoho Projects is a cloud-based Project Management tool that helps you run your business online with ease. Its versatile features help you plan your project, track the progress, and efficiently collaborate with your team to get things done.

Over 3 million subscribers are already using Zoho Projects to run their businesses. Numerous businesses in multiple fields—from software development to construction companies, marketing firms to recruiting agencies—have successfully completed many projects using Zoho Projects.

Project Planning

With Projects, you can easily and efficiently track complex projects in a variety of ways: milestones, task-lists, tasks, and sub-tasks. The milestone feature helps track various deadlines within a project, and you can further manage tasks in Classic, Plain, or Kanban views.
One of the most liked features of project planning is the Kanban view, which  allows you to see your workflow as cards that you can sort by percentage completed, priority, or task-list, making it easy for everyone on the team to visualize progress.


The Feed feature acts like a social network to help you better coordinate your projects. With the Projects Feed, anyone on your team can post a quick update or question to the group. This helps you save time by avoiding long meetings or phone calls for something that can be a quick discussion. Here's more.

You can also select “Activity Stream” within your Feed to see updates chronologically. That way, you can be sure you would never miss any important updates.

Gantt Charts

Gantt charts are a visual representation of your progress, showing milestones, tasks, and the dependencies between them. Each milestone or dependency has its own color-code, and users can change their schedules on a simple drag-and-drop interface. Gantt charts can also be printed or exported to a PDF for easy sharing.

If you need to reschedule or reorganize your tasks, it’s easy with Gantt charts. You can change your plans by adding tasks, dragging a task from one area of the chart and dropping it in another, and editing milestones as needed.
You can also customize the Gantt charts based on your preferences. This includes the ability to scale a chart, filter your information, and export task data as needed.


The Timesheets module records all the details of your work day so you don't have to. You can start the timer when you begin a task, keeping a track of the total time you spent on every assigned task that can be aggregated to the project level. Timesheets can be exported to Excel, PDF, or CSV, and then sent to payroll, managers, or clients. Managers can also create invoices for clients with an integrated Zoho Invoice solution.


Collaborate with your team members through multiple channels, such as chat, activity stream, forum, and Wiki. With different ways available to communicate with your team, you can be sure everyone knows what's going on. These channels also allow every team member to quickly and easily communicate thoughts, ideas, and information to everyone involved.

Mobile Apps

Not only is Zoho Projects easy to use from a desktop, it also enables you to work on-the-go with mobile apps available on both iOS and Android platforms. With the Projects mobile app, you can access and upload documents, add tasks, and stay up to date on all your projects, right from your phone.


Here are the pricing details of the Zoho Projects paid plans:

 Standard – The Standard plan costs $18 USD per month and includes up to 6 users.

 Express – The Express plan costs $50 USD per month and includes up to 15 users, with a charge of $4 for every additional user.

 Premium – The Premium plan costs $100 USD per month and includes up to 20 users, with a charge of $5 for every additional user.

 Enterprise – The Enterprise plan costs $150 USD per month and includes up to 25 users, with a charge of $6 for every additional user.

  Free - The free plan lets you have up to 5 users and is free for life.

 Trial - There is also a 10-day free trial on offer that lets you try out all the Enterprise level features and take an informed decision.

Zoho Projects is undoubtedly a great project management software for businesses. If you're looking for a best project management app then definitely Zoho Projects worth a try.

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