Why Students and Practitioners Go for RadarOpus Homeopathy Software?

RadarOpus is a homeopathic software that tends to aid the students and practitioners who are pursuing the course of Homeopathy. This application provides the user with one platform for all their needs, starting from managing the patients of a homeopathy business to the management of their clinic. The users opt for RadarOpus as it gives access to all the essential data and functions that are needed by a homeopath. Moreover, this application provides its users with an exhaustive list of uses that range from the creation of reports and Repertory to the essential Materia Medica needed for acing the exams. The application also provides the user with the Patient file information that represents the entire data on the medical history of a patient.

RadarOpus allows any user to find, take and analyze the Repertory symptoms, and helps them in quick treatment of a patient. With its preloaded database that runs the searched symptoms across many past records, RadarOpus eliminates the time that is needed to get into detailed research. Moreover, users can also save and recall the analysis of their research on this software to retain the first-hand knowledge of their scientific study in the future and save time while indulging in treatment procedures. Users can also print an analysis over this application. The Materia Medica symptoms can be directly inserted to repertory analysis and information about remedies can be gained in an instant without having to do much research, by double-clicking on the remedy.

End-uses of RadarOpus

RadarOpus supports over more than 1600 Materia Medica in its vast library that includes writings from Vermeulen, Master, Van Woensel, Vithoulkas, Scholten, Joshi, Araujo, Julian, amongst an exhaustive list of names, which are considered as some of the best Homeopathic Journals of the past century. Moreover, the software has more than 80 reporteries including its very unique Synthesis Repertory by Dr. F. Schroyens, and other great Repertories by Boenninghausen, Sherr, Murphy, Pennekamp, Dimitriadis, Rathmer and more. With the beautiful themes and the user-adaptive interface of this application, searching for remedies is just a click away to the users. Users can easily search for a remedy in References, Wikipedia, Repertories, and Google images by simply right-clicking on the remedy of their desired types.

Security of Radorpos

RadarOpus comes with GDPR and HIPAA level 2 privacy firewall protection. The provided security levels that are used over this software are seen as a mandatory regulation that is enforced in Europe and the USA. For any practitioner who wants to record confidential details on the symptoms or name of their patients, or any such related information from their patient (such as the name of a dog if the practitioner is a VET), the rules that are set by the software serves as an essential in order to correctly protect and safe-keep the patient’s data. The enhanced level 2 security prevents any form of possible tampering with the data as the application also offers implemented security measures for its users (like password protection and backup encryption) to help in complete protection.

Synthesis app over RadarOpus

RadarOpus easily integrates with the Synthesis app, a software that is used widely for its Homeopathic Repertory. The mobile app has its base built over the Synthesis Repertory edition 2009 which was published by Dr. Frederik Schroyens and is considered as a renowned book for homeopathic reference worldwide. The application also allows users to include explicit source information that can be easily accessed within their fingertips, at the time of preparing reports for the patients. Moreover, RadarOpus not only helps its users with precise bibliographical references of their searches, but also helps them in finding the exact and actual text on which the Synthesis addition has been based. This application serves as the benchmark and important tool to guarantee the quality of the additions that are made to the repertoire by enabling transparency, and by linking the Synthesis and any Materia Medica in more than one manner.


Clificol is an exclusive application that enables all the research that is held on this platform to be saved and viewed over Cloud. The software allows the users to set up their own Homeopathic research along with their other important research processes, without creating many hindrances to their work. RadarOpus sorts the desired searches and results by the practitioners and students into groups and enables easy comparison that is written with any desired user, in real-time. Moreover, this software allows the users to set their own private protocols where they can easily upload cases and findings of their own over a free website. This increases the efficiency of their research work and the latest developments around the ongoing cases, so that the cases can be submitted without using WinCHIP RadarOpus. Moreover, over the provided website, users can also look for researching cases with a simple search of a certain remedy or pathology.

For the increased efficiency of the users worldwide, RadarOpus is available in a total of 12 available languages, namely Deutsch, Rusça, Français, Español, Chinese, Italiano, Nederlands, Português, Romanesque, Türkçe, English, and Bulgarian. The software aims to eliminate the barriers of communication and makes them available for enhanced studies and ease of findings throughout the globe. Additionally, users can also search in consultations about the written thesis and findings of other users over one powerful platform. The pathologies and prescriptions for an end number of patients can also be found in multiple languages to help the users in finding the perfect remedy to their patient’s disease.

Why do students and practitioners use RadarOpus?

The Clificol feature of RadarOpus allows the users to download any given case in the PDF format for allowing them to have access to the same in real-time. The teachers and senior lecturers who use this application can also download a case as a PDF. They can even hide the provided remedies that are suggested within the software, thus helping them to easily take exams and tests of their students. With the vast repertoire and documentary works present in the software, it becomes easy for doctors to diagnose and patients to know about their disease and its associated symptoms.

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