Top 6 WhatsApp Alternative Apps You Can Try

Nowadays, messaging apps becoming very popular and essential as these apps help us to connect with the world of our near and dear ones.

Without any criteria such as age limit, from young to old, everyone is connected through messaging apps; among them, WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app in most of the countries. You might also be using WhatsApp as your primary messaging app but if you're getting bored with WhatsApp and want to try out another messaging app, here you go. Below we're sharing the top 6 best WhatsApp alternative apps that you can also use for messaging. 

1. Telegram Messenger

The best WhatsApp alternative is the Telegram Messenger, which is the biggest competitor of WhatsApp. As it is a cloud-based service that allows service for both mobile devices and the web.

It also supports end-to-end encryption, passcode lock so that your privacy doesn't leak, you can share files up to 1.5GB of size.

At a time, we can use Telegram on multiple platforms, so start chatting on your mobile phone, and you can able to continue your chats on your PC. It also supports audio and video calls with good quality.

Telegram is available maximum on all platforms such as Android, Windows, iOS, macOS, Windows Phone.

2. Skype

Skype is the best instant messaging app and also useful for video calling. You can share files, texts, images, and it also supports great video and audio calling. You can use Skype on both smartphones as well as on the desktop too.

Skype is the best business messaging application in the online world. Especially it is best for video and audio calling when compared to others.

Skype app is available on all platforms such as Windows, iOS, Android, Windows Phone, macOS.

3. Hike

The Hike is an Indian messaging app, and it has nearly all features of WhatsApp. It even offers more cool features that you can't find in WhatsApp.

Hike Messenger is a messaging app and the best alternative of WhatsApp. It runs on the Internet. It has all the great features of WhatsApp; some of them are: 
·         Unlimited Messages from Hike to Hike.
·         Supports up to 1000 members in a group.
·         Sending Stickers (has thousands of them). 
·         At once, the group calls up-to 100 people.
·       Allows sharing of location, as well as videos, pictures, audio, and files up to 100 MB.
·     Free SMS from Hike to a non-Hike member (non-Hike person's number must be of India). 

4. GBwhatsapp

GBwhatsapp app is the Best alternative version of WhatsApp with advanced features that are not present in the WhatsApp. It is the unique and a most significant alternative version of WhatsApp, with more than 50+million downloads with such a large number of fans.

No need to tension about the privacy and security of using Gbwhatsapp. It's secure to use with cool features like Message Scheduler, Auto Reply, Hide online status and double tick. It supports audio & video calling, DND Mode, at a time send 90 images, and many more features.

5. Threema 

Threema has complete privacy; it doesn't store your contact lists and group information in the app while it stores on your mobile phone. 

Instead of a phone number, you can connect to people using an 8-digit Threema ID. It secures with end-to-end encryption. You can even hide particular chats and passwords to protect them.

It is open-source, but it is a paid app that packs with tons of features in it. It is worthy of buying this instant messaging app. Primarily, it is best for the user's who need privacy compared to all other alternatives.

6. iMessage

iMessage is another alternative to WhatsApp messenger. This messaging app works only for iPhone or iOS device users but there are some tutorial which can help you to use iMessage for Windows and Android. You can use iMessage as normal as other messaging apps and can chat and do video calls with them from your device.


So these were the top Whatsapp alternatives we mentioned above. Give a try to these best Whatsapp alternative apps and let us know in the comment section, which app you liked the most.

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