10 Best Business Apps for Android Users

There are millions of mobile phone users recorded last year. Now, those numbers recorded might double itself. As we are stepping into a new decade, we are also welcoming new patterns and behaviors that could affect our lives.

Our attitude towards technology moves us from one to another, and in recent years, it has brought us to the mobile era.

People spend more time using their mobile devices than other forms of technology. Statistics have shown that there are more researches conducted using a mobile device than on desktops.

It's easy to recognize why people prefer to use their smartphones than their computers. You can carry them wherever you go, they have features or software similar to computers, and there are millions of apps you can download on your device.

These mobile apps have brought convenience and entertainment to people's lives. Even businesses use these to grow their company. There are certain apps designed to boost a company’s presence.

There are apps designed to help businesses. They can bring more customers, help in team collaboration, manage finance, and a lot more. If you are in the market for business apps you can use, here are some you might want to give a try.

Best Business Apps for Android Phones


Evernote has established its name for a long time ago. It has grown to be one of the best apps businessmen can use. It has proven itself to be a great tool to increase productivity, to be convenient, and to navigate easily.

Users of this application can experience the following features when they install Evernote.

  • Offline mode
  • Copy and pasting of news, notes, audio, and more
  • Presentation mode
  • Team collaboration with file sharing
  • Large storage space
  • Can sync to any device
  • Create a to-do list

If you are always on-the-go or you have such a mind that is overflowing with ideas, Evernote can help you to remember them.

The app has a free plan, but for businesses, it is best to opt for their paid plans.


Now communication comes easy and less complicated. Slack has resolved the barrier in team collaboration and project accomplishment.

Slack is an app used to communicate with your team smoothly. Furthermore, team members can join in the conversation or not. Now, you don’t have to worry about piled messages that could lead to unfinished projects.

Other features of Slack:

  • Available for any device
  • Real-time collaboration
  • File sharing

Slack offers a free plan, but it has limited features. Their premium plans are best for businesses, and the price begins at $6.67 per month.

Office 365 for Business

Microsoft Office 365 is not only for your computer. You can also bring it with you wherever you go and hence there is a rapid increase in Office 365 Tenant to Tenant Migration. Office 365 has multiple Android apps that have some features similar to the desktop version. Users have to download the apps individually, such as Outlook, OneNote, OneDrive, and more.

Since this app is cloud-based, users can easily check on files, share work, and communicate with their team members.

Here are features that Office 365 has on its mobile app.

  • Check emails
  • Access team members' OneNote
  • Team meeting
  • Access calendar
  • View and edit documents in Word, PowerPoint, and Excel


If you manage every aspect of your business, you'll be needing help. What better way to help you, particularly in your financial department, is to use a mobile app.

The finance part of your business is often the most time-consuming. You have to not only manage the numbers regarding your stocks and clients but also your employees too.

QuickBooks is a software business that can be used to track the loss and profit of a company, manage employees' payroll, send invoices, and check on company expenses. You can also use QB on cloud through QuickBooks Cloud Hosting as it allows multi-user environment to work remotely.

They offer various plans, but for small businesses, it starts at $25 per month.


Nowadays, being productive takes a lot of effort. Sometimes even the simplest distraction can lead to unfinished tasks or piled work. But with Asana, you can stay updated with your work and collaborate with your team members in no time.

Asana is a management platform where you can check the progress of each team member. Software platforms like these are helpful for businesses, especially when you have to work elsewhere.

Here are other features you can experience with Asana.

  • Task assigning and deadline follow-ups
  • Automatic email updates
  • Real-time updates
  • Add attachments
  • Comment on tasks

Asana's mobile version exemplifies similar features as that of its desktop version. Therefore, you can easily take your job wherever you go.

The premium package starts at $10.99 per user/ month.


Zoom is one of the leading video conference tools used by many businesses and companies. Besides its well-known feature for holding big meetings, Zoom has other beneficial details.

  • Group collaboration
  • Scheduling of meetings
  • Recording of meetings
  • File sharing
  • Screen sharing

If businesses want to expand the members of their meeting and benefit from Zoom's feature, they should avail Zoom’s paid plans, which begin at $14.99 per month.


One of the best tools to manage your social media posts is Hootsuite. This platform enables users to schedule posts for all of their social media. They can also track each of their posts' engagement and insights.

The integration of multiple social media platforms is possible with Hootsuite.

Here are other features of Hootsuite.

  • Manage and sharing of content
  • Monitor trending topics in social media
  • Team collaboration
  • Protection of various social media accounts
  • Track competitors' activity
  • Find mention of your brand

Hootsuite is free for one user only and with three social media account integration. If you manage multiple accounts, their paid plans are better.

Dropbox Business

Having a cluttered file will take some of your time out to sort through it. You need something to help you arrange everything. Dropbox is a tool that will increase your productivity and save you more time.

Dropbox not only lets users store their files, but it also lets them collaborate with team members by sharing their work. Your team members can also add comments to your shared file.

The mobile app of Dropbox Business is similar to the desktop app.

Time Doctor

The more productive you are; the more time you have to come up with great ideas. Staying productive is a challenge, and encouraging your employees to do so is also tough. However, using a time tracking software program to track your employees' workflow is possible to keep them active.

Time Doctor can help business owners to manage their team, even remotely. It will provide them with screenshots, track time, and monitor the progress of work.

Other features of Time Doctor are the following:

  • Monitoring of applications and website
  • Payroll
  • Integration to other apps
  • GPS tracking


Plan and organize your schedule with the help of Basecamp. This management tool allows users to upload files, collaborate with other team members, and check on project progress.

You can bring your work wherever you go with Basecamp's mobile version.

You can try their business plan for as low as $99 per month only. This plan has multiple features that will help you in your business.

These mobile apps are great alternatives for business owners who are always on-the-go. It allows them to keep track of their business anytime and anywhere.

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