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“Can you run it?” after reading this sentence what do you think. What comes into your mind first. Wait, now we told you what actually we are talking about. We are talking about running games on your PC. Do you know PC gaming is not as simple as console gaming? So you must know what kind of specifications your PC/laptop supports to run a game? Because if you have an old version laptop/PC then it is a waste to spend money on games without knowing your PC’s hardware.

CanIRunIt - if you are a gamer. Then there is good news for all the gamers. You do not need to upgrade the hardware of your laptop/pc. Because a gaming PC should be able to handle today’s games. Well, laptops are not built for gamers but older PCs are different.

CanYouRunIt - Need of Graphics Card to Run Game:

Can you run it without an external graphics card? Here is a warning for you if your personal computer (PC) uses integrated Intel graphics only in place of NVIDIA or AMD graphics card, maybe sometimes you are likely to experience issues to running new graphically demanding games.

As we told you earlier laptops are not built for gamers, most of the laptops are not built as gaming laptops. They use integrated Intel graphics which is cheaper and consumes less power. These laptops rarely support both integrated Intel graphics and dedicated graphics cards. And if they are supporting both then switching between them is totally based upon what you are doing? 

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Well, not only laptops but for some PCs and the desktop also uses integrated Intel graphics for a low cost. Well, it is usually easy to buy and install the graphic card to give your desktop a gaming boost. Intel's onboard performance is good but not enough when it comes to gaming. Even the latest Intel graphics is slower than the dedicated graphics card provided by NVIDIA or AMD. So if you only integrated Intel graphics you cannot play the newest games on your desktop.

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Check PC Specifications To Run a Game:

We will tell you about more automatic methods in this article but at first, we are going to talk about manual methods. The first thing you should know is everything about your desktop hardware. Like the speed of your desktop CPU, amount of RAM and graphics card details. If you know everything about your computer hardware then it’s good but if you do not know then there are a variety of ways to find out about your computer’s hardware, including this, you can also search on the internet about your computer’s hardware.

Well, we are going to tell you the easiest way to find out this information about your computer. We recommended Speccy (free version is fine). So by downloading and installing it, you will easily get all these details on your computer. Speccy is made by the same company that created CCleaner.

Here is a list of what you need to know about your computer. Have a look.

  • Speed and type of your computer's CPU in GHz.
  • The amount of RAM on your computer in GB.
  • Computer's graphics model and the amount of RAM the graphics card has onboard.
PC specifications

As we know we are talking about “can you run it?” now look up the requirements of the system for the game you want to run on your computer. You will easily get this information on any games website or on any site and on any store selling it.
Well here is an example for you so that you can easily understand that Compare the information you find out on the Speccy to the details listed for the games. Pay your attention to the processor, memory, and video card requirements. Once you can remember the basic information of hardware your system contains then checking system requirements is not that difficult.

Automatically Check If You Can Run It:

While it’s easy to find out your system’s specs and then compare it to any game requirements you want to run on your PC. You can use the 'Can I run it' website if you want to find out your systems requirements directly. The website for that is canyourunit website which is endorsed with many companies like AMD. If you are going to use this website then we recommend you to first running the system requirements lab detection desktop app. So install this app on your desktop and it will automatically find out information on hardware of your system before sending you back to the website. This way you do not need to install any Java or ActiveX applets.

After that go to the can I run it website and type the name of the game you want to check in the search for a game box. The website will auto-suggest the title so that you can pick the right game of your choice. After selecting the game click on the can you run it option.

After that results in a page lets you view how your PC stacks up against the requirements for the game including CPU, Video card, windows version and disk space of your system.

And now you have the detection tool installed in your system so you can check as many games as you like in the future. Remember one thing that detection tool only works by storing a cookie so that your browser can pull the information of the hardware of your system.  In case you clear cookies you have to run the detection tool again.

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