Is Workplace Surveillance a Digital Dirty Work?

If we have to answer is workplace surveillance a dirty game, the answer would be no. The employers have a right to monitor the staff following the federal and state laws when it comes to workplace surveillance. However, it can be dirty if the bosses don’t maintain transparency and the employees have issues with what is being monitored. Like, you can use video camera in the workplace but not in the private areas like bathrooms. Similarly, everyone should be monitored and not a single or two people in the office.

Nowadays, the workplace surveillance has become mandatory due to growing concerns of the bosses. This is even the biggest challenge for the bosses to maintain good environment, protect the staff as well as the company assets and details. Many cases have been reported when the internal members in a company joined hands with other people to steal computers and sensitive data. The hacking attempts have been made by the staff to get something.

Facts About Bad Employees at Workplace

Every company has computers, internet as well as other devices and tools for the staff. However, everything from computers to internet is misused and this is the real problem where the bosses should get alert. It is reported that 26% people at work have been fired after they violated the rules and the company found inappropriate search in their browsing history. Similarly, 6% people were fired from the job after they were found wasting time on social media.

26% were those people who lost their job because they were using the company computer, internet and other devices for personal and private emails. That means, a lot of people do personal work using the company tools and computers. There are even those who leak and share sensitive details with competitors to earn few bucks. This practice is dangerous and not in favor of the company.

Why Employers Are Using Workplace Surveillance?

The facts and stats mentioned above reveal why the workplace surveillance is on the rise. The bosses are concerned about the data as well as the staff. They cannot compromise on the security. Employees are now being tracked and monitored in order to improve the safety measures at workplace and prevent any theft or data breaches.

Furthermore, the safety measures let the employers feel comfortable. In case something fishy happens, the culprits will be caught with the help of cameras as well as other monitoring tools. This improves the data protection and the reputation of the company. No one wants to face huge financial losses so the employers are increasingly using workplace surveillance as a tool to protect themselves.

How Workplace Surveillance Affects Employees?

Most of the people at work have no issues if they are monitored and kept under surveillance after they are informed. They are fine with it as long as the company practice secrecy and takes care of the staff. The motive of the workplace surveillance is the most important thing. If it is done for the useful purpose, employees will never protest against it. However, they will definitely feel scared, nervous or even uncomfortable when they are being monitored and they learn about it at any moment.

How Workplace Surveillance Should Be Done?

When it comes to how and in what ways the workplace surveillance can be done rightly, we have some suggestions for the employers. The first and the most important thing are to understand the workplace surveillance laws. Most of the employers forcefully do monitor the staff. It is a bad practice and can land you in jail.

The second important thing is to get the consent and approval of the employees. Whenever something is to be used or the staff is to be kept under surveillance, the bosses should inform the workers and get their approval. This is the best thing to do when you have to use surveillance for the safety and protection of the company. Employee monitoring staff without their approval or knowledge makes them feel uncomfortable.

Even if the company wants to track browsing history, internet use and what the employees search on the computer- they should be informed about it. They will be careful about it and not do anything wrong or illegal. Moreover, this will improve the productivity of the staff as they will know the bosses are watching them and their performance will be monitored. A company can improve the work output of its staff with honest and transparent surveillance.

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