CarComp – The Best New Way to Find Auto Repair & Upgrade Shops Near You!

We live in a world where the latest technological advances and innovations are occurring at rapid speeds. These advances and innovations can make our lives less stressful. The automotive industry can be complex, and it is important to understand and take advantage of the information platforms that can help us make informed decisions when it comes to automotive repair.

People own cars that require maintenance and repairs, they also need to think about things like scrap value. The question becomes, which repair shop should you choose? Most people do not have the time or knowledge to make an informed decision, instead picking the closest location without evaluating their prices or service reviews. This could result in the shop taking advantage of the situation. Unfortunately, there have been too many cases of this and lots of unnecessary money spent by the car owners.

With this problem in mind, a new startup, called CarComp, originated in the United States. They created a platform that allows you to get estimates you can trust are genuine. Community reviews and ratings will help you assess the shop's business practices, and by providing multiple estimates from different shops around your area, you can select the shop that best suits your needs and be confident that you won't be taken advantage of. Basically, it is the new 21st century version to find a mechanic shop based on reviews, price and distance. Check out their website at:

Tom Norris, CEO of CarComp shared, "When it is time to perform an oil change on your car, what do you do? If you’re like me, you probably take your car down to the local auto shop. Everything seems fine until one of the employees informs you that your left axle, rear brake, and transmission all need service; the total a mere $1,350! In some cases this may be true; however, in many instances the shop is trying to take advantage of you. This has happened to me and my business partner a number of times, and we thought to ourselves; there must be a solution."

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CarComp currently has 130,000 shops populated nationwide to help you find the best nearby shop for any car repair job. Whatever you require for your auto repair, they have listed all the possible services such as oil change, air filter replacement, power lock service, auto restoration etc. on their site. You can get the best prices and save money for any car repair with the help of CarComp.  You just need to provide the job type, vehicle type, and area details, and they will help you get an estimate from reputable nearby auto repair shops.

Tom goes on to explain, “We created, to help you retrieve and compare instantly multiple consumer based evaluations for the services you need for your vehicle. With the key element of trust in mind, we have built a comprehensive review based system. So when it comes time to choosing a shop, it’s simple. After the service is completed on your vehicle, you are then able to leave a review; either positive or negative. Shops that exploit their customers will therefore be ranked lower in search results due to poor evaluations. Furthermore, we allow users to schedule their appointments directly through the website - a nice 21st century edition!  We have big plans to expand our website’s services as well.  For example, we aim to incorporate parts pricing, tow truck pricing, and a roadside assistance hotline.  In addition, we are working on obtaining instant price quotes from the repair shops so that you, the consumer, can base your decision on both pricing and customer evaluations. Our ultimate goal is to become the one-stop shop for all of your automotive needs.”

Moreover, if you are the owner of an automotive shop, you can partner with them to extend your reach to more people.

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