Business Growth Hacks - Utilizing the Power of Surveys

Everyone wants to grow his business and so does you (Obviously, That's the only possible reason you are reading this post).

In this article, we will be sharing practical & useful business hacks for utilizing surveys which you can use to grow your online business. Every businessman needs new digital marketing strategies, techniques and tricks to boost online business's revenue and to grow their customer base. And this is where the surveys can help them to achieve their goals.

Understanding and Utilizing the Power of Surveys

Every business has three types of customers:-

  1.  On Lookers
  2.  Potential customers
  3.  Existing  customers  
Those people who are thinking of buying that particular product or service you selling fall in the category of On-Lookers.

Potential customers are basically those customers for which there is a high probability that they will buy that particular product/service you selling and existing customers are those ones which have already bought that product/service from you.

In order to grow a business, it's pretty much important that you keep turning On lookers into potential customers and potential customers into existing customers. Moreover you will need to maintain the base of existing customers as well. ( Do check the one rule of all successful businesses below in Image )

Hence, If you yourself want to retain your existing customers. communicating with them time to time, collecting their feedback and making them happy is utterly important for you.

If you run a Blog, your readers are your only customers. You can occasionally do giveaways for your existing Email subscribers and regular Blog readers. 

If you are short at Budget, you can just send them Thank you notes time to time when they complete 1 month or 6 months or 1 year in your Email list.

If you do not run a Blog, but you are selling something online you can use Surveys to collect Feedback of your existing customers. 

Not only their feedback will help you grow your business it will also make your customers feel that you still care for them and your relation with them was just not limited till accepting payments for them.

In today's post I will show you How you can use Surveys to Grow your Business and achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Designing of a Good Survey:-

Surveys are basically of two types: Good Surveys and Bad Surveys. Before we go more into the discussion Let us checkout the difference between a Good Survey and a Bad Survey through this infographic:-

In order to have maximum participation in feedback surveys you will need to make a good type of survey so that you can get maximum participants for the survey.

Let us check the major points you need to keep in mind in order to design a good survey:-

I received an Email from a famous company. The email reads as: "Please participate in this feedback survey. It will not take more than 10-15 minutes of your precious time". 

I was like, "I can spend my full day staring at idiot Facebook posts but when it comes to doing such Jobs, Sorry! I am busy and I cannot take 10-15 minutes out for you guys from my busy daily routine."

I am pretty sure many other people are there who behave like same. Hence you need to take care that when you design the survey you try to make it as short as possible.

There are tools like JotForm Cards and SurveySparrow which you can use to make wonderful time saving surveys. SurveySparrow comes with pretty easy to use features.

There are already some inbuilt templates present in the tool like Customer Satisfaction Survey template, Website Feedback/Survey template etc.

You can built responsive surveys with this tool which looks amazing both at Mobiles and Laptops. You get a .surveysparrow domain as well to load surveys. For e.g. If you run a company selling some XYZ anti virus than if you sign up for SurveySparrow you can get a domain.

That is surely a good way for branding your domain name.

# Give people something in return for participating in the survey. You can do them free coupons, promo codes of your product/service or provide them any good Ebook or any other deal that you think might your customers may be interested in.

This can surely get you more responses and Hence more data in return.

Embed the Survey in your website directly: If you are looking to do a Survey for your website visitors or Blog readers make sure that people do not need to leave your website. 

Instead it will be a better approach that you embed survey directly in your webpage.

Set the questionnaire carefully: As I discussed above also, you need to setup the questionnaire very carefully. Before adding a question in the Survey think of all the possible responses you can get for that particular question and How that data can further help you out.

Its always better to make majority of questions optional. Hence if someone does not wants to answer something particular he should have full options to skip that.

If you keep all these things in mind and use right tools as I mentioned above you will be able to make good surveys having good user interface, responsive design and interesting questions.

Now designing a Survey is one thing and getting respondents for it is other. In order to have maximum participation in the Customer feedback Survey you need to pitch to:-

  • Your Social Followers
  • People who have posted reviews on your social pages and business listings. 
  • And surely your Email subscribers.....
Apart from this If you can get in touch or you are in touch with your customers through any other channel you should make its use too.

Once you get the data you can use it further for improvements. Overall that's the only reason why you were doing this whole thing.

That's all for today. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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