Elaborating JotForm Cards - A New, Friendly Way to Ask

The famous online form builder JotForm recently launched its new platform to ask questions from customers, employees etc. called JotForm Cards. For those who aren't familiar, JotForm was Founded in 2006 by Aytekin Tank as the first drag-and-drop online form builder, today they have 3.3 million registered users worldwide. The aim behind introducing the JotForm Cards is to create some motivational, friendly & easy to use forms that incredibly improves the response rates.

Unlike traditional forms, JotForm Cards interact with respondents like a real person would. JotForm Cards are motivational, friendly, and incredibly easy compared to other types of forms. The end result is greatly improved response rates.

So let's elaborate JotForm Cards and know why they are important for businesses:

Why It Matters:

Better information for better decisions and relationships with customers or employees.

What makes JotForm Cards unique?
  • ·         Beautiful.
  • ·         Motivational.
  • ·         Friendly UI.
  • ·         Increased ease of use = Increased form conversions.

1. Beautiful

Your first interaction with a company is often with a form, and JotForm Cards made it a beautiful experience. More than any other online forms, JotForm Cards are truly beautiful. Users can customize designs to match their brand exactly, including custom color schemes, images, logos etc.

2. Motivational

Whether a business needs feedback, leads or order information, it always starts with a form and for a respondent, filling out forms can be a burden. With a JotForm Card, the first encounter is a welcome page, which is customizable and a great way to let respondents know what’s ahead.

JotForm Cards have a progress bar that encourages respondents to complete a form by including bright green dots that signal that they’ve completed a question and motivates them to finish a form. Hence businesses get more of the critical data they depend on.

3. Friendly UI

Using JotForm Cards is just like asking questions face-to-face. Smileys and vivid icons allow the respondent to express their feelings about a company. Micro animations react to the respondent just like a person would. When someone tries to skip a required question, the card moves in the same manner as someone shaking their head “no”.

It doesn’t matter the type of mobile device, JotForm Cards shows up clearly. A simple swiping gesture allows respondents to see the next question on a form.

4. Increased ease of use = Increased form conversions

People stop filling out forms if it’s too difficult or tedious. JotForm Cards solve that problem. JotForm Cards are designed to make the process as easy as possible with features such as:

● Questions asked one at a time to improve focus.
● Sync with Google Maps so that it recognizes location names in address fields.
● Suggestions for misspelled email addresses.
● Mobile is more than just a small screen; it’s about better usability, optimizing for screen real
estate, and simplifying design elements and layouts.
● Natural swiping gestures and transitions make the form easier to complete on mobile devices.
When forms are this simple, businesses get a greater response rate.


From now on, JotForm Cards will change the way organizations collect information.

● Respondents will have an easier time filling out JotForm Cards than traditional forms.
● Features to motivate people to complete every question.
● It’s the most friendly online form interaction available anywhere.
● A better form experience means a higher response rate.

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