Advantages of the Marshmallow Update!


A bag full of surprises, the Marshmallow update definitely tags along positives. This however is subjective and would differ from one opinion to another. Although, overall, the update does quite a good job and certainly doesn't let you down. If you haven't tried it yet, there's something good is in store for you.
Let me take you through a few advantages of the Marshmallow.

1. Quick Boost!

If you're on Marshmallow and would love to be pampered, here's something we'd like to introduce you to. Remember closing each open window, manually? Having updated to M, All you've got to do now is simply click on the Boost icon to the bottom right of your screen an you're sorted. By simply doing this daily, you would receive a lot more RAM space. 

You could refer to the highlighted portion below! 

A Quick Demo Video to take you through this amazing addition.

Advantage: Boosts quickly, thereby extending the phone's Battery Backup!

2. Make use of 'Google Now on Tap'
An absolute new way to use Google Search, the New ' Google Now on Tap' will blow you away. All you'd need to do is long press the Highlighted Home Icon, like shown below .

Benefits of 'Google Now on Tap' -
1. Displays Useful information and helps with Application shortcuts on top of whatever you are doing or whatever the screen displays
2. Helps make plans with friends 
3. Helps extract additional information through news, videos, Instagram, etc.4. Take Quick Screenshots and Share

To capture a screenshot, simply open the image or page and long press, the Home Icon. Having done so, you should be able to open up 'Google Now on Tap', like shown in the first image. Simply click on share and have the screenshot shared onto a preferred platform

Screenshot_20160616-165103.jpg Screenshot_20160616-165115.jpg Screenshot_20160616-165450.jpg 
To understand more, look through our video:

Advantage: Google does the job for you.

3. ZenUI (Quick and Fun Animation)

If you like moving your fingers quickly through the phone, Quick settings drawer (Pull Down) has beeen upgraded. 

giphy (1).gif 
Another awesome feature is that of Themes. Unlike earlier, you now have the option of customizing your theme. You have the option of either a partial apply or All. Awesome, enough? 
Screenshot_20160616-142419.jpg 13457774_10206776874205229_343899249_n.jpg 

Advantage: Apart from customizing Themes, be sure of running through a fun ZenUI!

4. No Bloat/Performance Improvement

Marshmallow promises a considerable performance improvement, thereby extracting off a possible bloat. Even while we've excluded several pre-loaded apps such as ASUS Backup, Remote Link, PC Link, Party Link, Mirror, etc, several apps have been added. A few of these include Google Calendar, Google Messenger & Dr. Booster! 

Advantage: Your phone would now boot much faster! You can now expect faster and powerful computing.

5. Apps would always ask for Permission

3rd Party Apps would always ask for permission before accessing a file, folder, contact details or any other. You could be rest assured of absolute safety! 

To help you understand this better, let me take you through a few images. Having downloaded WhatsApp, the app kept asking for permissions at every stage. Let's take a look:

Advantage: An app would never access the phone without your permission.

Note- Article is provided by Zen_Lianne from Asus ZenTalk.

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