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Tips For Buying or Selling Shares of Any Company

The decision making power regarding buying, keep or sell the shares lies with the stockholder. So a question arises in mind what is the best time to purchase or sell the company shares? It takes your time when you read massive research reports, analysis of the analysts and point of view of management. So what you can do? Simply you can observe the earnings report from the last two years of the company. Here I will discuss some tips which can help you in your decision-making process.

Growing Sales

First check the sales of the company growing or not, what is the rate of growth in sales? Check the real figures in the sales growth, just check the company latest press lease on the sales, also you can listen management point of view on the company sales. You can also check company quarter reports.  

The growth in sales is trending in the small companies so check their reports; choose the companies with 10 percent annual growth in sales. Also look at the company last earning quarterly report.

GP Margins

You need to know about company CGS (cost of goods lost) on the trading profit and loss account (income statement). Also, you need to study the administrative and selling expenses. If the company expenses are less and revenues then it means the company sales are growing or company is also controlling its expenses. If expenses are more and revenues are less, then it means that the company expending more in advertisement and want to launch the new product.

Directions & Assistance

Many companies are offering online guidance and assistance like Wall Street. These companies provide you with insights about the company earnings and other ups and downs.

If the company analysts forecast that the company will generate more earnings then it needs to buy and if the forecast is to generate less earning then no need to buy the stock.

Company Announcement About The Shares Buyback

The company can announce buyback programs if it feels the stock has low value. After the buyback, some companies increased its ability for earning to show it in the next quarterly report. The financial ratio also takes positive impact due to buyback option. Some companies buyback because the share has worth than the price in the market.

The buyback options are good signs for the investor, sometimes company buyback from a little number of shareholders and the remaining shareholder enjoy high earning per share. As the number of outstanding shares falls down so the EPS per share increases.

Innovative Products & Services

The new product requires the high cost for research & development. Anyhow, you can expect any things from the arrival of a new product on the market; it can or can’t generate high sales revenues. If the new product sales become high in the stock market then it has a positive impact on the earning per share.

For example, the Tesla is going to launch its new model 3 car and analyses are expecting to increase to increase its earning. After this news, the share price in the stock market slightly improved.

The Apple has been launched a new product iPad in the year 2001, so investors and analysts were not confirmed about the sales revenues will high or low. But the sales boost after the launch of the product in the market and this leads to an increase in Apple stock earning per share.

Financial News

Read carefully about the company financial news for which you want to purchase the shares. The financial news has a great impact on the company market stock price. For example, a company wants to acquire another company or want to restructure its business. You can find a lot of financial news online on different sites. The company yearly earnings reports are also financial news that impacts the share price.

4 Methods to Develop Consistent Customer Relations

The role of customers is central to any business. It is very important to attract new customers while retaining your current customers.

In order to do this, you need to develop consistent customer relations. Businesses try various ways to win over their customers. While some work, others fail to attract and retain customers. This is because customer behavior is unpredictable.

It is difficult to hold on to them for a long time. The variety of buying choices available in the market has given an upper hand to customers.

To put your brand in a better position, you need to follow some basic methods that will help you build consistent customer relations.

Let’s check them out now.
1. Know Your Customers
The first step towards any fruitful customer relationship is identifying your customers’ needs and preferences and understanding their behavior.

It is very important that you know who you are dealing with, what their interests are, and what value they are looking for from your product.
2. Adopt a Standardized Customer Service Process
Following a standard process to serve your customers helps maintain your company’s image and ensures compliance.
It rules out any chance of uncertainties and leads to improved customer experiences. Create a document or guide establishing clear procedures and policies regarding customer service to guide your staff engaging with customers.
Sometimes, you may need to deviate from the procedures to adjust to your customers’ demands and satisfaction levels. It is okay to do that if it helps you retain your customers and build good relations with them.
3. Conduct Staff Training for Customer Service Skills
Train your employees for customer service skills. Stress the importance of good quality customer service in building a good brand image.
Demonstrate examples and live instances to give them practical experience. Monitor calls and all communications to ensure a positive attitude towards customers from your employees.
4. Create Positive and Consistent Customer Experiences on All Channels
As a business, you might be serving your customers on multiple channels. But it is critical to deliver consistent customer services on all platforms to leave a good brand impression on your customers.
Adopt a similar approach in handling your customers whatever the channel is and strive to create positive experiences.
In order to achieve this, follow the tips below:

Connect with Customers on Social Media
Connect and engage with your customers on social media to keep them attracted and loyal to your brand.
Listen Proactively
Show your empathy to your customers by listening to them. Address customers’ complaints and solve them promptly. Take their feedback seriously and assure quick action.
Build Inbound Links
Getting inbound links from popular websites and influencers helps build brand authority and reputation. It also brings a lot of referral traffic and helps drive sales.
Every marketer wants to improve customer relations and build long term relationships with their audience. This is the only recipe to sustain and grow your business.
Try the above tips and methods to retain your customers and make them your brand advocates.
Over to You
Do you have any other tips for maintaining consistent customer relations? Let us know in the comments below. Also check out the infographic below to get visual insights into our methodology of building consistent customer relations.
 4 Ways to Build Consistent Customer Relations
Author Bio: Samir Motwani is a growth hacker cut from a different cloth than most entrepreneurs. This action oriented technophile may have been trained as a developer, but is a designer at heart. The current CEO for Salesmate, a CRM tool, is adept at developing low-cost strategies for startups, and defining best practices for budding ventures.


Are you looking for something to develop your small business? Or are you looking for financing or loan for business to enlarge, then there are some several lending options only for you. And in this article, we're providing you review of some most famous ways to fund growth along with the pros and cons.

Credit Cards

A Credit card offers comfortable money for a tycoon. When it contrasts to a bank then the procedure to get the credit card is fast and easy. Rather in every small business holder it must secure a 0% APR credit card and pay off the whole balance within the interest free promotional period of 12 months. Using a credit card and become weak in paying off the balances on each month will come to you with a great financial calamity. A great merit of using a credit card for company expenses will help you to maximize reward earnings. In addition, using a credit card responsively, it will help you to develop the credit score and essential for getting affordable payments at a further. Anyhow, you must be aware of that if you delayed on paying the high interest liability then observe inexpensive loan to unite and pay the cards off.

Peer2Peer Personal Loans

Peer2Peer loans bring both borrowers and investors together through an online media. The company borrowers offer fundamental data and ask how much they need to take, whether the individual investors plan to fund the loan. Peer2Peer loans can be said as like normal loan with a rate of interest and payback schemes. But Peer2Peer loans are not the extreme affordable scheme. The APRs can be range from 14% to 19% or sometimes it can be even higher. Comparing to this, banks and loan from SBA are probably cheaper.

The Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding provides setups to get out some varieties of capable investors at once. The foremost two famous platforms are Kickstarter and Indiegogo. There are some numerous advantages have crowdfunding such as saving money and time, allowing you to access capital and accepted a fan base. Anyhow the demerits are more. Basically, peoples like to invest on a product or a plan that is customer friendly so if you have a business2business business and you are presumably out of luck. In addition to this some of the crowdfunding schemes only gives funds from your campaign only if you attained 100% or more than your target. If you failed to reach your target or you didn't complete 100% achievements then it means you get zilch. The minimum succeeds crowdfunding campaign is almost around $7000. So, if you desired to have more then you must reach more than each target you have.

The Grants

State, Federal and local governments provide a wide variety of grant program to offers small businesses begin and improve their operations. Company owners negotiate to grants because they are not wanted to pay them back. Even though, they come with a demand. And also, they know that to understanding and locating the grant procedure can be intricate. The SBA has loans and grants search tool in order to help you to navigate a schedule which is suitable for your small organization. It must be observed that the smallest organization will not eligible for government grants.

Do It Yourself

Do it yourself commonly known as DIY. And it is also called as bootstrapping. This DIY scheme is a choice for entrepreneurs till other processes of financing becomes more original. The major cause of every small business bootstrap is that to keep the debt at low. You will have to stay away from high rate of interest and monthly payments that comes along with investors and loans. Financing on your business may be sometimes complicated for real. But make sure that you have a rigid plan on the business and appraise employing with a coach who can help you to achieve a place in the top list.

Small Business Administration Loans

Small Business Administration loans commonly known as SBA loans is a United States leading business financing. The SBA offers their clients a loan guarantee scheme which is so famous and that the federal organization was dragged to exclude it in the year 2015 because of the decrease in the funds. And then the congress rapidly increased the guarantee ceiling for the contemporary tax year to $23.5 billion. To acquiring a loan from SBA can be said as a boring procedure which can take several months. Although the online lenders such as SmartBiz are a well-organized process and making it so much easier for the owners of small business to become eligible and get funded. Small Business Administration loans are the foremost choice for small businesses that need to improve their company. Because SBA loans provides the small business owners with lowest monthly payments, rates and the highlighted part it has no prepayment penalties. However, a small business must always look out the loans from SBA first since it has the affordable capital and only examine other loan choices if they don't qualify.


It doesn't matter the source of your financing but you must only find out a loan if you are experiencing a cash flow gap. This is only means that you have to keep the money to meet the operating expenses for a secured source of income.

How to Design & Skyrocket your B2B Website for the Right Audience?

The Website Audience:

Sales for the businesses happens on the website. The buyers want to interact online. It is a more efficient and effective communication channel of doing the business. The Visitors on your website can be defined as,

In order to make sales happen on your website, you need to,

* Build a website that works for your business.
* Build content to be easy to understand and relevant to your audience.
* Build content strategy that most likely to sell.

Identify who they are, how they want the content presented will help you build the content for your website, Inbound and outbound marketing generates a higher volume of sales.  If you know the profile, you can target the right audience.  Once you know the profile, it will be easy to target and measure for optimizing the website. Sweetspot marketing is targeting, measuring and optimizing the web experience for the visitor that represent for future revenue.

Fast Forward 2020: Top Digital Marketing Trends to Watch Out

Increasing competition in the digital landscape has played a vital role in revolutionizing the industry. Let’s rewind several years and compare the digital landscape of that time with the present landscape. We will notice that there have been many significant changes. 

Today the digital marketing has become much more streamlined, organized and focused. The innovative factor can never be taken out of the digital marketing but today the increasing use of technology and analytics have helped in enhancing the overall impact of digital marketing exercises. 

Another thing that we can observe is that the huge increase in the changing rate of digital marketing landscape. We don’t have to wait for an entire year or more to study the development or changes. Within a few months, the hot trends start fading away, sophisticated tools and techniques are introduced and new trends emerge- some of which stay for long. In such case, it would be interesting to know the possible growth rate and major trends that can redefine the digital marketing industry in 2020.

Let us fast forward and peep into the future to see how the digital landscape of 2020 would look like: