The Grand Theft Auto VI Trailer is Launched - Prepare to Be Blown Away!

After about a decade, fans were still purchasing their copies of Grand Theft Auto V and might have continued to do so if it weren't for the release of its sequel's trailer. This release was posted one day prior to the scheduled announcement, understandably due to the possible leaks from the overexcited fans. Overnight, the 90-second glimpse of GTA VI that was released on Monday night reached up to 60 million views. Finally, the GTA 6 trailer broke the record with 120M+ views within a very short period on YouTube. 

This R-rated gangbuster controversy game has been on the top list since 1997, with every release introducing new locations, guns, vehicles, stories, etc. This time, the makers have decided to take the players back to Vice City, in the state of Leonida.

The first look at GTA VI brings a whole new level of street-level chaos, with its dual protagonists getting involved in all sorts of crimes. The trailer hints at illegal street races, gator wrangling, store robberies, and so much more. Now, although you might re-watch this trailer over a thousand times until the game is officially released in 2025, it's likely that you'll miss out on the many details that Rockstar is known for masking in its trailers, historically speaking.

So, let’s begin with the over-analyzing!

Meet the First Ever Female Protagonist

We get a first look at GTA’s first-ever female protagonist, Lucia, when she is incarcerated. To the outside world, this may be hard to settle since it's 2023 and women are mostly given their due representation, but in the simulation world of Grand Theft Auto, it's a stepping stone. Later, we witness her and a male accomplice engaging in criminal activities, giving off a Bonnie and Clyde vibe. Wearing bandana face masks, the pair is seen walking past shelves, apparently on a robbery spree.

The Tom Petty Soundtrack

While you're obviously taking in that Lucia is the female lead this time, Tom Petty's song 'Love is a Long Road' plays in the background. It's evident that Rockstar didn’t randomly select this song using a picker tool and called it a day. The song hints at a toxic and troubled love story between the two protagonists, as per most speculations.

Not to mention, it also delivers nostalgia, which makes sense since we're back in Vice City. The last time Rockstar chose this location, it was a tribute to the 80s, featuring pastel suits and the soft rock music genre. Now that we're back in modern-day Vice City after more than 20 years, it only makes sense that we get to hear a soft rock 1989 song to give us relevant vibes.

The Not-So-Affordable Vehicles You Can Afford In GTA 6

From custom-fitted vehicles to luxurious cars like Porsche and Rolls Royce, car lovers are definitely in for a treat. But it doesn’t just stop there, as we also witness watercraft, including airboats and yachts.

Wildlife All-Around

Florida is home to unique wildlife, and the developers of GTA 6 made sure not to leave out this detail in its depiction. In the trailer, we observe alligator wrestling and countless flamingos taking flight. The wetlands where we see them also hint that we’ll probably get a glimpse of an area surrounding the main city as well.

Social Media Plays A Role

And in GTA 6, expect it to create some trouble too. Truly depicting the modern setting, the GTA 6 trailer shows clips of people creating social media content, live streaming, posting online, etc. Not very surprising since Rockstar likes to add a touch of parody, as seen in GTA 5. As the social media culture evolved in the last decade, so has its depiction in the new release. 

Now, that we know you've already watched the #GTA6 trailer, below we still embedded it so you can again watch the Floridian madness. Yes, we can watch it again and again until the game has launched! 

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