6 Best Mobile Security Software for Android and iOS

Mobile devices are becoming prevalent. About 90.9% of internet users use their mobile devices to search online. As more apps are created for mobile users, people will invest in such technologies instead of computers. Even social media applications can only be accessed through a mobile device rather than on a computer.

As mobile devices like smartphones increase, more hackers shift their targets. In the past, cyber attackers concentrated on targeting Windows and Mac devices. But now, they target smartphones like Android and iOS.

Cyberattacks on Mobile Devices

Malware infection is the most common cyber threat encountered by mobile users. 92% of malware attacks are delivered through email. So, users who don't know what a phishing email looks like click on the malicious link.

Among all the mobile malware targets, Android devices comprised 98%. Meanwhile, iOS users experience 2% of cyberattacks. But this doesn't mean that iOS devices don't require any protection.

The increased attack on Android devices is due to the number of users. Hackers target Android phones as there are much more users than iOS.

So, whether you are using an Android or iOS phone, you'll need to keep them secure at all times. Use the best mobile security software for Android and iOS devices to stay safe from emerging and old threats.

Best Mobile Security Software for Android and iOS

Bitdefender Mobile Security

Bitdefender mobile security offers two different versions. It creates flawless malware protection that has a light impact on the system.

The mobile security of Bitdefender can protect smartphones, iPad, and tablets. It protects against multiple threats like viruses, malware, and ransomware. It firmly secures accounts to keep personal information like passwords, addresses, credit card numbers, and others safe.

Android and iOS Bitdefender have a VPN with 200 MB of data daily. It's limited, which is one of the downsides of Bitdefender mobile security. But if you use it to access sensitive information less often, 200 MB a day is enough.

Both offer a scanning option to detect the presence of a threat in the device. You can even check if your online accounts have been involved in a data breach. If your data has been exposed somewhere online, it will notify the user and provide actions.

Bitdefender Mobile Security has better features offered to Android devices than iOS users. Android users can enjoy Anti-theft, App Lock, and Autopilot tools.

However, Bitdefender is both lightweight for Android and iOS users.

If you want to protect multiple devices, including your Windows and Mac, the best alternative is Bitdefender Total Security.

Norton 360

Norton does offer individual protection software for Android and iOS, but the best Norton package is the Norton 360. It is an all-in-one security software that keeps your device safe from threats.

You can protect Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows operating systems.

It adds a layer of protection for both mobile operating systems. The award-winning mobile security protects against ransomware, spyware, viruses, and scams. It gives outstanding protection when performing online banking and shopping.

Norton 360 offers a free VPN. The number of devices it protects depends on the Norton 360 plan you choose.

Aside from protecting your files or activities when using public Wi-Fi, it scans for suspicious activities even on a private network connection.

You can navigate through websites and links, as they are monitored to see any fraudulent and malicious websites. It works in any browser preferred by the users. So, phishing emails and texts are easily detected to avoid giving away necessary information.

Monitoring information on the dark web is available and provides actions to perform if data is compromised.

There are two Norton 360 packages - LifeLock Select and LifeLock Ultimate Plus. Both versions work on multiple devices and OS.

However, if you want to secure a single device, you can choose Norton Mobile Security for iOS or Android. The app is free on both the Apple App and Google Play Store.

McAfee Security

McAfee offers packages for multiple or individual devices. It includes specific security software focused on mobile devices only.

McAfee Security offers comprehensive tools like Wi-Fi protection, VPN, and safe online browsing. You can navigate through websites and on your phone as McAfee shields all activities from unauthorized individuals and scams.

Android and iOS enjoy ultimate protection against malware that can steal data and private information.

The built-in VPN offers military-grade protection and encryption when connected to public Wi-Fi or hotspot. It masks the original IP addresses using another from a different country or server. Besides protecting data from spies, you can access geo-restricted content if needed.

McAfee mobile security has a Protection Score to see if your data and device are safe. It provides actions to achieve a score of 100, meaning your device is fully protected from threats.

Aside from scanning for viruses and threats, you can check for updates and vulnerabilities in the device's system and malicious activities within your Wi-Fi network.

Similar to Norton 360, McAfee offers dark web monitoring features to check if your email, phone number, or credit card number has been leaked on the dark web. Furthermore, it provides remedies once it has identified any of your information. You can scan up to 10 email addresses.

McAfee Security is free for download on the App Store and Google Play Store. But if you want to get a score of 100 or enjoy all features mentioned, you'll need to pay for it.

Kaspersky Mobile Security

The Kaspersky mobile protection for Android and iOS has different names. The Android protection is available on Google Play Store is named Kaspersky Security with VPN. It is the Kaspersky Internet security plan available for other devices too. Meanwhile, the iOS version is known as Kaspersky Security Cloud and VPN.

But despite the differences in the name, both of these Kaspersky mobile versions offer almost the same features.

No matter what online threat is present, Kaspersky offers automatic scanning for threats. Once it is detected, it will be isolated and removed. The iOS version has a cloud-based scanning that doesn't affect the device when keeping the device safe. But both Android and iOS scanning doesn't affect the overall performance.

If a device is lost, you can manage it on your My Kaspersky account on your desktop. You can locate the missing device or wipe out data remotely.

When browsing online or opening a link on an email or SMS, Kaspersky will automatically run in the background to check if it is safe. It automatically blocks any phishing website to avoid stealing sensitive information.

The Android version doesn't offer a VPN. Meanwhile, iOS includes a VPN tool for anonymous online browsing and access to geo-restricted content.

Android security offers an App lock feature to secure those apps that contain sensitive information.

If you wish to protect several platforms and access additional features, the Kaspersky Total Security bundle is for you.

AVG Mobile Security

AVG offers separate protection for Android and iOS systems. But you can get packages like AVG Ultimate for security that can protect other operating systems.

AVG mobile security scans websites for threats, phishing links, Wi-Fi networks, and more. Online browsing is secure with a VPN, and private photos are password-protected.

Besides keeping sensitive data safe, AVG is an expert in maintaining the device's performance at its best. It kills unnecessary tasks and frees storage space.

The antivirus for Android has an anti-theft feature to locate a missing device, lock the screen, take a screenshot, sound a siren, or wipe the device's content remotely. Furthermore, there's an App lock feature to secure an Android application with private messages, information, photos, and more.

iOS mobile security has AVG Identity Protection to monitor online sites and if your information has been leaked or compromised.

Avira Mobile Security

Android and iOS users can enjoy this state-of-the-art mobile security protection from Avira. It provides online protection, threat detection, password management, and more.

If you like online shopping or perform online banking, Avira can protect your information from phishing sites and fraud. You can browse safely without worrying if your data will be seen.

Avira's VPN is limited to up to 100 MB daily, a little for those needing anonymous browsing for more than 100 MB. But for those who need to connect online for a short period and with limited data, this VPN is enough.

Other features shared by both Android and iOS are the following:

  • Web protection which is both available on the pro package
  • Identity Safeguard to detect if personal data has been compromised.
  • Anti-theft to locate missing devices or wipe data remotely.

You can block unwanted calls and backup contacts to the cloud with your iOS devices. You can improve performance for Android devices by killing unnecessary tasks, removing junk files, and freeing up space.

The Pro version offers Android features such as camera and microphone protection.


Almost all mobile security software for Android and iOS have the same features. The only difference is one or two tools. However, they all share a similar purpose, to protect your device from threats online that can affect your device and steal your data.

Get to know what threats can affect your mobile device and choose the antivirus software you want to meet your smartphone's needs. 

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