Review of PQ.Hosting Hosting Company

Today, every company, online store, and webmaster requires reliable hosting. One such solution is PQ.Hosting. This hosting provider offers VPS/VDS and dedicated servers.

When and How PQ.Hosting Started

PQ.Hosting was founded in 2019 in Chisinau, Moldova. Today, it is present in several dozen countries worldwide, and this is just the beginning. PQ.Hosting is owned and founded by Ivan Neculiti. 

Official Website

The official hosting website inspires trust. The homepage features a user-friendly color scheme and provides information about collaboration and offered services.

The main idea, expressed by the company's owner Ivan Neculiti, is to provide reliable VPS/VDS and dedicated servers at a lower cost compared to other hosting providers. The most affordable VPS/VDS tariff plan is offered at 4.77 euros per month, and there is also an option to order services for 3-12 months with additional savings of 5-15%. This is indeed a lower price compared to competitors.

Company Services

PQ.Hosting offers virtual VPS/VDS server rentals in more than 30 countries. The focus is primarily on European countries, but servers are also available in Asia and North America. Clients can choose a server in any of the listed countries. The most popular choice among clients is a server in the Netherlands, thanks to its affordability and convenient location.

The most expensive tariff, named Obsidian-[NL], offers impressive specifications, including a vCore x32 processor, 64 GB of ECC RAM, and 510 GB of NVMe storage space. Clients also have the option to select a server in one of the 35 offered countries.

Control Panels and Limits

PQ.Hosting offers various control panels for each tariff, including Vesta, Hestia, Virtualmin, and Cyberpanel. Additionally, the installation of the popular ISP Manager 6 control panel in various configurations is available.

The amount of disk space depends on the selected tariff. The initial tariff for VPS/VDS provides 25 GB of NVMe storage space. The number of domains, email accounts, and databases is unlimited.


PQ.Hosting is a young and ambitious hosting provider that already surpasses many well-known companies in the hosting services market. Owner Ivan Neculitiand his team plan to expand their geographic presence and attract even more customers. In just two years, PQ.Hosting has managed to cover over 15% of world states. This indicates that their goals will be achieved. 

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