Essential Equipment for Biotech Firms To Have

Today’s manufacturing practices employ specialized knowledge and techniques to create unique products. Biotechnology combines significant breakthroughs from areas in energy, biology, and technology to improve people’s lives in various ways.

With innovations coming out so quickly, it can be challenging for companies to keep up—even artificial intelligence now plays a vital role in pharmaceuticals and other areas of the biotech realm. With that, here’s some essential equipment for biotech firms to have.


One of the most common pieces of equipment used in biology work is the centrifuge. These devices spin at high speeds to separate materials based on their density. This capability is essential for medical and clinical researchers working with small cells or proteins.

Biotech firms often use centrifuges for distilling compounds such as ethanol. The process of centrifugation can profoundly impact the overall quality of materials made in a laboratory environment. Time, speed, and temperature are just a few factors firms need to consider when purchasing a centrifuge.


Bioreactors are designed to house living cells and other organic materials that can be processed into usable products. This equipment is designed to reduce exposure to the outside, thus limiting the potential for contamination and providing a controlled environment for culturing cells or antibodies for pharmaceutical manufacturing. 

There are some important things to consider when buying a bioreactor. Having the proper space for equipment and other needs of your firm will allow you to grow operations as needed. Remember to think about budget, materials, and accessibility for cleaning and maintenance when setting things up. 


The microscope is another necessity most biotech firms will have. Lab workers need microscopes to peer into the minuscule workings of biological and technological processes. Looking at cells, chemical reactions, and other things invisible to the naked eye is entirely possible with a quality microscope.

Researchers have many different types of microscopes available to them for their work. Simple and compound microscopes are standard across different industries, but biotech firms often rely on electron microscopes for improved resolution, magnification, and focus.  

There are many different types of biotechnology, and no single solution is perfect for every company. The essential equipment your biotech firm should have ultimately depends on your specific needs. 

Knowing which technology is ideal for your situation will allow you to make the best investment so you can focus on innovation. 

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