5 Fun Board Games To Play With Family and Friends

Everyone loves to spend quality time with their family and friends and you can make the party more exciting with board games. Board games are a blast! So much fun packed at such cheap prices. 

Now, in this article we are not going to mention the obvious games like Monopoly or Scrabble since everyone has already spent hours on them. To make your meets interesting, here are five fun and new board games which will make your party the talking point for days to come!

1. Classic Backgammon

A board game which has been around for centuries and you can easily recognize it for its iconic look. Backgammon is one of the most popular dice games in the world and has been around for 5000 years dating back to civilizations in Persia and Mesopotamia. The Backgammon board includes 24 triangles of different colors and a bar down the middle. 

Players need to move 15 pieces of checkers or “men” each and the first one to bear off all their pieces will win the game. Backgammon is a game of both strategy and luck where the dice may decide the winner of one game but the player with better strategy will win over a series of games.

2. Operation

A pretty fun game which can turn pretty serious at any point of time, Operation has been a kids’ favorite game since a long time now. In Operation, you are the surgeon who needs to relieve the “patient” of his different ailments. While, it may seem pretty easy to remove small bits of plastic ailments, but if you miss and hit the sides of the patient, the game buzzes and you have to pass the chance to another player. 

If you are successful in removing the ailments according to the game cards, you will be rewarded with money. In the end, the doctor with the most money wins the game.

3. Pictionary

Pictionary is a proper party game suitable for all ages. In Pictionary, teams take turns in drawing and guessing as many words and phrases as possible in a short period. The game might sound easy (how hard can drawing on a board be), but the real fun is the path on the Pictionary board. The Pictionary board consists of different-colored squares each denoting a different level of difficulty. 

You can play the game according to the board and the first team to make it to the finish line wins or ditch the board and go crazy with the words. It is a fun game for friends and family which can light up any social event with laughs!

4. Checkers

Checkers is a game of strategy which is quite fun and challenging to the mind. In this two-player game, you play with 12 pieces or checkers which can be moved diagonally on an 8x8 board. If you can maneuver your piece across the board to the opponent’s side, that piece becomes a king; jump to the opponent’s piece and that piece gets captured and removed from the game. 

To win, you need to capture all the opponent’s pieces or position your pieces in such a way that there are no more available moves for the opponent. Checkers has an easy learning curve and a great way to develop young minds.

5. Battleship

Arguably one of the most exciting board games for kids, Battleship has grown in popularity ever since its release. In this two-person game of strategy, players arrange their ships on a 10x10 grid and try to locate their opponent’s ships. There are two grids for each player, one grid is for placing your own vessels and tracking the hits made against you. 

The other grid is for marking hits against your opponent. In this game, the number of hits to take down a vessel are distinct for different types of vessels and the player whose vessel(s) survive with their opponent having no vessel left, wins the game. It's a battle for the seas and you are the captain!

We hope that this list provides you with all the games missing out from being the heart and soul of your meets. Make your parties more exciting and memorable by making many laughable memories with your friends and family with these fun board games! 

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