10 Strategies for Marketing a New Mobile App

Once you have designed and built your new mobile app, you may be under the impression that the hard work is over. But this is when it begins. A proper marketing plan is needed to attract and retain users. Here are ten strategies for marketing your app.

Understand the Challenge

Your larger target market is the 87% of US citizens with smartphones. But there is a lot of competition. Two-thirds of small businesses and virtually all the big ones have mobile apps. It requires eight seconds of attention from a potential customer in which to convince them to download your app. 

Value of an App

You need to be able to convey the value-add of your product. This can be as basic as a gaming application providing hours of fun and entertainment. Or it could be more complex. Either way, you need to express this concisely and persuasively.

Determine How You Will Make a Profit

You need to recoup your development and production costs, then make an income from your app. The simplest is when users purchase the app outright. However, a subscription will allow you to keep earning from each customer. The app can be downloaded for free, and you can make your profit from advertising, in-app purchases, or offering a ‘lite’ version for free or a paid app for greater functionality.

Create a Website 

A website will enable you to benefit from search engine optimization (SEO). Make sure it is augmented for mobile phones and that it does not lag. Increase its reach with a blog that you add new content to regularly and that paints you as an expert in your field. Some app builders find they can get away with just a landing page

SEO Strategy

Follow this advice to maximize your SEO strategy. Keywords play a vital role. The best ones will explain what your app does. You need to begin the SEO process two to three months before you launch your app for Google to respond to your keywords. Include cross-promotions and link-building in your strategy.

Get an Influencer on Board 

Around 50% of app downloads were linked to an influencer recommending them. You will want to have an influencer on every major digital channel such as Reddit, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn. Choose your influencers according to these criteria. You will need to offer their followers incentives such as discounts. 

Prepare a Demo on Video 

Create a demonstration video that explains how to use your app and how it will help them. Keep it to around 40 seconds. Post it on your website, cross-promo sites, and YouTube. It should be animated, modern, and streamlined. Additionally, it must demonstrate the app being used.

Leverage Social Media 

Join multiple social media groups related to your app as a member. Participate actively in discussions that present you as an expert on your subject. Upload tutorials, useful content, and professional tips. You will be doing all this before you launch your app. Create excitement around your to-be-released app. Incentivize influencers to like your pages.

Ensure the Sustainability and Profitability of Your App

If you don’t want to be a fly-by-night, some factors require consideration. How much would someone pay you for your app? Does it provide lasting value to your users? Does your marketing strategy ensure you reach all possible potential users? Are you able to fix bugs quickly? Does your app form part of a bigger business venture? You have to plan for sustainability and profitability as they won’t happen on their own. 

Apply for App Awards

Three of the best app awards to apply for are Appy Awards, Apple Design Awards, and Best App Ever Awards. The latter features the top ads for both IOS and Android apps. This will give your app widespread visibility.

The market for mobile phone apps is increasing as users spend much of their time online. A good marketing plan will help you gain your share of the market. 

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