7 Budget-friendly Design Tools for Startups

If you are a startup, and cannot hire a designer just yet, do not fret. There are beginner-friendly and budget-friendly tools that help you create stunning designs from scratch. Whether you want to design effective landing pages, compelling presentations, or stunning creatives for your social media, these tools have got you covered. 

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#1. Webflow

Webflow is a no-code visual web development platform. It lets individuals and businesses design, build, optimize and launch customized websites.

Key features Webflow

  • Get pre-built templates (mobile-friendly), proper customization
  • Content-driven designs that are optimized for marketing
  • Real-time collaboration: Seamless interface to publish, edit, and update 
  • A suite of growth tools, API integrations, and more

Pricing for Weblfow:

Starter: $0

Basic: $12

CMS: $16

Business: $36

#2. Canva Pro

Canva is a beginner-friendly graphics design platform with an easy drag and drop feature to create stunning designs. Be it Instagram posts, business cards, invitations, or videos, Canva lets you create anything under the sun. It has 1000+ templates that you can tweak as per your brand identity. Currently, more than a million people use this design tool. 

Canva features:

  • Keep your brand colors, logos, and fonts in one place
  • Content planner to schedule your posts across social media platforms. 
  • Invite your team to collaborate in one place
  • Organize all your creatives and assets in specific folders
  • Optimize design size as per specific platforms

Canva Pricing:

  • $12.99/per month (billed monthly)
  • $9.99/per month (billed  annually) 

#3. Visme

Every business needs to present its data in a beautiful, and comprehensive manner. That’s where Visme enters. Businesses use it to create compelling content, infographics as well as presentations that and visually appealing. 

Key features Visme

  • Rich analytics: Up to date data for project managers to measure how the content is performing. Visme’s analytics tools also provide data on visitor behavior. Visme also allows managers to see which content is popular, and the number of unique visitors.
  • Highly customizable: Being highly configurable, Visme lets users double down on the content they publish. Users can also import third-party content, and the work can be shared across social media and downloaded in multiple formats. 
  • Extensive options: Whether you are looking for boardroom-ready presentations, engaging charts, or infographics, Visme has you covered. They have templates and a whole variety of fonts, backgrounds, images, and icons to create a presentation that meets the cut.

Pricing for Visme:

  • Basic: Free
  • Personal: $12.25
  • Business: $24.75
  • Enterprise: Custom quote

#4. Pexels

As a startup with restricted budgets, Pexels comes really handy. It has a robust repository of stock photos and a video library that you can make use of in your designs. 

Key Features Pexels:

  • No matter your need, be it an eCommerce store, a newsletter, a presentation, or an e-book, Pexels has the right photos.
  • Use the photos for print marketing material. For example,  flyers, postcards, albums, books, CD covers, etc.
  • Design captivating banners, and ads, for your marketing campaigns, or to promote your services and products across social media platforms. 

Pricing of Pexels: Free to use

#5. Figma

Figma is a free could-based graphic design tool for seamless team collaboration. 

Figma Key Features:

  • Create an interactive experience just by using static design files
  • Plugins for almost everything to ease the design process
  • Smart Animate for advanced animation, and detailed transitions
  • Embedded commenting as well as prototypes that can be easily shared

Figma Pricing:

Starter: Free

Professional: $12

Organization: $45

#6. Carrd

Carrd is your go-to tool if you wish to build one-page sites that are minimal for business needs. Carrd is great for portfolio pages, landing pages, and resource pages. 

Carrd Key Features: 

  • Get your own custom domain
  • Add forms by integrating with tools like MailChimp, ConvertKit, and more
  • Embed widgets and custom codes from third-party services. For example, Gumroad, PayPal, and stripe.
  • Create, build, edit and publish more than 3 sites without Carrd’s branding (depending on the plan you choose)
  • Explore premium templates and images
  • Add Google Analytics to track the website traffic

Carrd Pricing:

Pro-lite: $9/per year

Pro standard: $19/per year

Pro Plus: $49 per year

#7. DaVinci Resolve

Davinci Resolve is a powerful and intuitive video editing and color grading tool. If your startup needs a lot of videos, this free tool is a must-have in your design stack.

DaVinci Resolve Features:

  • Access to advanced audio tools and real-time effects
  • A robust range of 2D and 3D tools to create motion graphics and stunning 
  • You can select specific parts of the video for color correction
  • There is a powerful Multicam interface that allows you to edit detailed and complex videos from multiple cameras.

DaVinci Resolve Pricing: Free 

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