4 Magical Apps That Can Change Your Life Today

Having the right kind of tools can make any task you do tremendously more efficient, and in today’s technologically advanced world, most of these tools can be found in the palm of our hands, in the phones we use; there is an app for almost everything now. Telephones, alarm clocks, calculators, and other tools have been replaced by a single mobile phone.

We consume a lot of information daily, and only a fraction of this information is retained, let alone applied in our life. So in this article, we will talk about our Top four apps that can change your life, help you retain more information, and assist in applying that information in your life.


This one might be the least interesting one on this list, but it is highly effective for consuming information. If you have been reading books on kindle, you might be aware of this super-useful app. You can highlight the text as you read, which is pretty fantastic.

It works pretty well on a desktop or laptop as well. You can select a passage and highlight it (even in different colors). Kindle makes it easy for you to read your books and helps you keep them in one place.


This is a read-it-later app, you can use Pocket as well, but we have found Instapaper to be slightly better than Pocket. If you find something on the internet, like an article or blog post, that you want to read but don’t want to read it right there and then you can share it with Instapaper. And there are plenty of ways to get things into Instapaper; you can use the IOS share extension, you can email it to Instapaper, or you can use safari or chrome extension.


So this is an app that is only available on IOS, but it has become our go-to app when we want to listen to any podcast. You can go on air and go through all of the podcasts you want to listen to, so a pretty standard podcast app so far, right? But what separates Airr from other podcast apps is that it lets you take small snippets from the podcasts that you find interesting or resonate with you and then save them as air quotes.


Notion is an app that you can use to organize every aspect of your life, including work, study, social meetings, and much more. According to the notion’s website, the app is completely free of charge, but you have to pay for it if you are working with a team. Notion lets you organize all of your documents, notes, saved articles all in one place, which can help make your life free of unnecessary fuss.

Notion is now being used by teams at Spotify, Cornershop, Headspace, Pixar, and Travel perk. And this is completely free for you, so if you want your knowledge and work live side by side, try this app today and see the difference it can make for you. 

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